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  1. Albert_Hadacek

    Just 6 more months

    Thank you 🙂
  2. Albert_Hadacek

    France Camino winter

    A friend of mine started the Camino Frances in January (walking) last year and based on her photos and comments some parts of the route were covered in light snow. She always found some accommodation but her options were more limited. If you have a bike you have more mobility and extra 10km is...
  3. Albert_Hadacek

    Just 6 more months

    This year I could not have returned to Compostela as many events took place in my life. I moved to Edinburgh from the Czech Republic to live with my partner Pippa who I met the very first day on Camino Frances in 2018, needed to change my programming jobs, drop out from uni etc... We both...
  4. Albert_Hadacek

    Buen Camino App

    Gronze.com is the best. Maps, Albergues, phone friendly... Feedback from other people on accomodation
  5. Albert_Hadacek


    You will find plenty of advertisments/leaflets for taxi services along the way or in albergues/bars/cafes so dont be worried about that. Moreover, there will be a crowd of people and someone will deffo have a number. Let it just flow...
  6. Albert_Hadacek

    Do you already have a place in mind to stay when you reach your destination (stop)?

    That is also true and really sad... Beautiful kitchens without plates and pans... I understand they want to help the local economy but its against the spirti of the Camino
  7. Albert_Hadacek

    Do you already have a place in mind to stay when you reach your destination (stop)?

    Interesting... Then please explain me how does it work in Galicia if all the albergues municipales are managed by Xunta de Galicia... or how did anyone finance the brutal big albergue in Leon? :)
  8. Albert_Hadacek

    Camino with a disability

    I gree with @David. Camino Frances might be a better choice as you have more accomodation option and a crowd of people. Safety first :) Wish you all the best!
  9. Albert_Hadacek

    Camino Frances starting September 1, 2019

    Keep your backapack super light. During september the temperature is still quite high (I started in SJPD on 23rd of August last year)... Think more in layers than pieces of equipment... So having one extra thermo shirt will provide you the potential warm instead of more clothes... Also, you will...
  10. Albert_Hadacek

    Do you already have a place in mind to stay when you reach your destination (stop)?

    Albergue Municipal is financed by the goverment and ran by volunteers (cant be reserved) Albergue Associated is supported by church or some group Private Albergue is independent Hostels etc... are humble hotels Price varies... but usually 8-12e...
  11. Albert_Hadacek

    Do you already have a place in mind to stay when you reach your destination (stop)?

    If you are not walking in Winter you wont really have problems with accomodation. I never prereserved anything and always found a place. You can reserve 5 hotels and one day you get food poisoning, you will be behind and then what..? If you follow the normal schedule... and walk around 6 hours a...
  12. Albert_Hadacek

    Why the hurry?

    Jean Christophe Rufin explains it beautifully in his book The Santiago Pilgrimage: Walking the Immortal Way. For some pilgrims on the Camino the distance is your status. It is like the question: What do you do for living? in real life. The thing is people need time to understand the Camino...
  13. Albert_Hadacek

    Pilgrim Passport from Castro-Urdiales?

    Most albergues municipales can provide you a credencial. Great resource for planning: https://www.gronze.com
  14. Albert_Hadacek

    Lightweight sandal find for women

    Sandals are an awesome thing. I wouldn't really care about 50-100g. I am used to walking in sandals most of the Camino. They might be especially handy in rainy conditions as your boots might get really wet and not dry until the next day. I consider good sandals essential.
  15. Albert_Hadacek

    Getting to oviedo

    I started in Oviedo two years ago... Best option is to find a flight to Asturias airport and there are buses that will take you there. Great app for searching connections is Rome2Rio.com

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