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  • alhartman
    alhartman reacted to ranthr's post in the thread When was your first Camino? with Like Like.
    2005 from Roncesvalles to Santiago, read about it in VG, a Norwegian newspaper, when finished I thought never again, but since then I dropped in on longer and shorter caminos up to the corona stopped me.
  • alhartman
    alhartman reacted to mspath's post in the thread The Solace of Memory with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
    During this time of world-wide pandemic turmoil I seek solace in memory to comfort my tattered soul. Although 10 caminos and more than 450 nights usually in albergues provide limitless recollections for which I am forever grateful, January 24...
  • alhartman
    alhartman replied to the thread When was your first Camino?.
    2005--as a consolation prize for not being able to do the planned Pacific Crest Trail. After a coworker regaled me of her 2004 walk, I knew that a pack without cooking gear, food, shelter would appeal to my aging body! At the last minute my...
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  • alhartman
    alhartman reacted to Jeff Crawley's post in the thread Monte do Gozo with Like Like.
    First seen in 2001 in the company of a young German pilgrim. Her reaction "It's like the set for a disaster movie! All it needs are newspapers blowing across the plaza" But she did need a toilet and slipped into one of the rooms that had been...
  • alhartman
    alhartman replied to the thread Leaving dog home question.
    Around my Toulouse to Santiago 2008 Camino, I had a house sitter/housemate picked from Craigslist. Mixed results as had to take his dogs as well, and they trashed much of the property. Fortunately, with a fenced yard most everything recovered...
  • alhartman
    alhartman replied to the thread Monte do Gozo.
    My last stay there was 2016--and it looked like an abandoned and derelict set from a dystopian movie like "Running Man" or "Escape from New York", or 'Bladerunner". My notes from 2005 say they have 600 beds in that depressing row of Quonset...
  • alhartman
    alhartman reacted to Tincatinker's post in the thread Monte do Gozo with Like Like.
    Not only do you get the opportunity to experience a Soviet era Baltic coast Workers Holiday Camp in the warmth and comfort of Spain but you also get a short stroll into Santiago and time to lose your backpack and enjoy the Pilgrim Mass. All of...
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    alhartman reacted to Camino Chrissy's post in the thread Do top bunks stop bed bugs? with Like Like.
    How could you "see" you were divebombed by bedbuggs when they come out in the dark?...they sure must love garlic breath!
  • alhartman
    alhartman reacted to trecile's post in the thread Do top bunks stop bed bugs? with Like Like.
    Permethrin is not a deterrent and won't kill on contact. However, it has been shown to kill bedbugs over time. That's why I treat my sleeping gear, the inside of my pack and all of my cloth stuff sacks with permethrin. I figure that if they do...
  • alhartman
    Many of us will be forever grateful for the scholarship of Professor Gitlitz and his co-author, Linda Davidson, for giving us the most treasured of all gifts - The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago: The Complete Cultural Handbook. For anyone wanting...