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Recent content by Alton D

  1. Alton D

    Anti Bed Bug/Insect Repellent

    I do like the expression "Spraying and Praying"! I have heard that Silk sleeping bag liners are also good, assuming that you don't roll around too much during you sleep. I am going to be trying this method in a few weeks.
  2. Alton D

    Namur Route

    I will be hiking this route this summer and I was wondering what it will be like. Not many discussions on this topic/route, or maybe outdated, so I have scant to go by. What type of accommodations are available along the route? I might be able to afford staying in B&B and Hotels a few nights...
  3. Alton D

    Rocroi to Vezelay: Gr. 654 or Via Campaniensis?

    Hi Everyone, How did your trips go? I am hoping to start in Namur and walk along the GR654. If I like it, maybe I'll come back and do the other route. I am not sure how much camping there is, or are there only hotels along the way. Any advice? It matters how much and what I carry depending on...
  4. Alton D

    Oh what to do with 2 spare days?!

    Why not wait and see what the World offers you along the walk? Don't be too concerned over the closed door not to see the open window!
  5. Alton D

    Please, anyone completed the camino from Namur????

    Hi Cisilee and Janet, I too am starting my Camino in Namur and I keep wanting to do it, and then saying no way, as all I can find are the more "Impressive" places to stay, or expensive I should say. Until I win the lottery, but with my simple style, maybe even after that I prefer to stay at...
  6. Alton D

    How do you manage to get out of work for 5 weeks?

    I have the same problem, as I loose my vacation time of the prior year by July 1st if not used. I just can not save enough for five weeks. So I am starting in Namur and walking as far as I can, and next time I'll start there and continue on.

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