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    Thinking of walking the Norte in Sept or Oct of 2019.

    Thinking of walking the Norte in Sept or Oct of 2019.
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    Repeating the camino - opinions please!

    I've walked the Camino Frances four times (2005, 2007, 2009, and 2017). Each time a little different. Stayed in different towns (which meant walking sections at different times of day, and enjoying them more), albergues, eat in different spots, took alternative routes if they existed. New faces...
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    Place to store backpack in Madrid?

    Hi, I'm flying from Seattle to Madrid and then taking an overnight train to Lisbon in order to walk the Portuguese route. My flight arrives at 7:30 am, and my train leaves around 10:30 pm...does anyone know if there are lockers somewhere, or someplace secure where I can leave the pack? I'd...
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    Albergues price?

    Is this one open all year? I'm walking from Porto starting on the 21rst of Sept, this is the one place I really want to visit...I think it's where Pimientos de Padron were born. Liz
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    Stamp in Porto Cathedral

    Where can you get a credencial in Porto? Thanks, Liz
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    Just walked from Lisbon to Finisterre--photos

    Beautiful! Thanks for posting, it reminds me why I chose this route, leaving on Thursday, looking forward to being there.
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    Again, again..........IRRESPONSIBILITY SOMETI

    Yeah, I was in Lourdes during nasty bout of weather and decided against even starting in St. Jean. I was afraid of crossing the Pyrenees in a snowstorm. I met the 8 or so people that crossed at that time, they were all advised to take the road route (but why would you do otherwise in a...
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    Packing for Late-April Rain

    Hi, You've probably already started, but another idea is to line the inside of your packs with a garbage bag and then put your stuff in the bag. Even if you use a pack cover, sometimes it rains so hard the pack still gets wet. Nice to have the dry clothes at the end of the day ;) I love...
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    Camino in April

    by the way, we had ridiculously nice weather after the snowstorm in the Pyrenees in early March. I started in Pamplona March 8 and until I reached Galicia, we had sun everyday. Some sections were below freezing in the morning, but warmed up quickly. I wasn't expecting that, I was packed for...
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    Camino in April

    I know that you are only supposed to stay one night, but I did find the hospitaleros more lenient in March and April. Several people I had met stayed extra days, many because of injuries such as infected blisters and bum knees, sickness, but also, just being tired. And space isn't at a premium...
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    Bed bugs alert

    Hi All, Walked March and April 2009, did not encounter any bedbugs. There are signs in a lot of the albergues that they were "treated" for rats, roaches and other things. I think this might be under control. Did not stay in El Burgo Ranero though, walked the other route, and Religios was...
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    Best stops, favourite albergues between SJPP - Burgos?

    Even in April, I was finding the private albergues booked, which was unfortunate. I understand why they do it, I guess, but it would be nice if they left a couple beds open for people who don't book ahead. I know some people were saying they made reservations as a back-up plan, but then didn't...
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    Best stops, favourite albergues between SJPP - Burgos?

    Trinidad de Arre was one of my favorite albergues as well. I agree though that you should let the Camino take you where it will. A lot of the charm in the albergues has to do with who else is there. I have always heard good things about Granon, but for whatever reasons have not made it there...
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    Need to buy a cell phone

    Thank you all for the advice. I'll look into those. Liz
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    Conditions near Pyrenees

    Thank you both. Glad I found a warm jacket. Liz