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Recent content by aname4me

  1. aname4me

    ATM fees - which ones are a rip-off?

    I am Canadian and last Fall I used the IberCaja They were a challenge to find (a few times) but charged NO Service Fee
  2. aname4me

    Silk Liner Feedback?

    We bought our “Silk Liners” on eBay from China. Good price. Long delivery. Worked well. On a couple predawn mornings in late October, climbing through the mountains. Cruz de Ferro, O'Cebreiro My wife wore her Silk Liner as a giant scarf, under her light jacket. Over her shoulder, covering...
  3. aname4me

    Silk Liner Feedback?

    True, Real Silk is very light and surprisingly warm. A frugal tip, also get as 100% Silk Shirt.... from a Thrift Shop. Go to a Thrift Store. It may take a couple tries. Buy a used 100% Silk Shirt. It may be a funny style, and an odd color. But it will be warm and comfy to sleep in. Very...
  4. aname4me

    Multi-timers: Compare your Camino experiences

    I am retired and have walked 4 times. All in the Fall. All the Camino Frances Most common question asked of me: Why the Camino Frances every time? A: Before each Camino, I look at the many choices of routes. The answer is always the same. -Norte is TOO hilly. -Portuguese is short (to fly...
  5. aname4me

    Logrono Wine Festival.... 2020

    Logrono Wine Festival 2020 I did my Camino #5 in 2019 with my Son. I (actually HE) regretted missing the Logrono Wine festival 2019. We arrived in Logrono Sept 26. 2019..... the day before it really started .. Question:.... When is the Logono 2020 Wine Festival ?
  6. aname4me

    Camino Canal Boat near Frómista.

    Today I stopped at the Town before and asked.... when does the boat arrive? 1pm she said We rushed ahead and waited... nothing We phoned the number on the sign.... They are only running at 5pm today.... and it was full. Nice idea.... but not reliable
  7. aname4me

    Where to eat Lunch+Pee in SJPdP ?

    I found a map..... and some pictures of the one near the Bus Stop...
  8. aname4me

    Where to eat Lunch+Pee in SJPdP ?

    Next week I will be arriving at SJPdP on the Bus at 11:45am and have booked Orrison for that night. I don't remember SJPdP having a Bus Terminal.... they just park outside the city walls. Can anyone suggest a place to both pick up a quick Lunch (sandwich) and use their washroom ?
  9. aname4me

    bed wanted in Orisson 11th Sept hostels full

    So..... Is Roncesvalles booked full, as well ?
  10. aname4me

    Camino Canal Boat near Frómista.

    I have twice stayed at Hostal Camino De Santiago in Frómista (far end of Town) Very friendly. Welcomes you with a (free) COLD Beer or Soda. Within a Block are a Supermecado and a Bar/Restaurant. I plan on staying there again.
  11. aname4me

    Camino Canal Boat near Frómista.

    My main questions were.... Where and When So (if I understand correctly) they have built a "Dock" where the Camino joins the Canal Road and they arrive there at 9:30'ish and Noon'ish. Good. On My Camino (next Month) I assume I will be Staying in Castrojeriz and walking to Frómista (25.5Km)...
  12. aname4me

    Camino Canal Boat near Frómista.

    There appears to be a Boat operating along the Canal between (just past) Boadilla del Camino and the Locks at Frómista. Does anyone has any Info, or can share their experience?
  13. aname4me

    Any Resolutions for repeat Pilgrims?

    Eat afternoon menus del dia and less pilgrim meals. That was my big change for my 2nd Camino...... On my 3rd Camino I added.... eat more Communal meals Good food and Good conversation.......

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