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  1. andonius

    Quiroga to Monforte in two days

    I'll be on the Invierno on August and I'm planning to split the long Quiroga to Monforte stage in two days. First fom Quiroga to Castroncelos and diverting 3,5 km to Salcedo (Total : 25 Km) to make overnight at Hotel O Forno and second day from Salcedo directly to Pobra de Brollon and then...
  2. andonius

    Either working or walking...

    Either working or walking...
  3. andonius

    Are you planning to walk the Invierno? (Is it _finally_ catching on?)

    I'm planning to walk Camino the Invierno from 8/15 to 8/28 this year. Hope to find some of you there!! I will include a full day at Las Medulas (staying two nights ) to dedicate time to explore that wonderful site.
  4. andonius

    Mystery Photo, Burgos, 13 Sept 2015

    You're right, the Santo Cristo procession is in September; sorry for my error. I've corrected the message. There are so many processions in Spain... That Christ has a nice legend: It's said that a rich merchant from Burgos went to Holy Land by ship. When he was returning he remenbered that he...
  5. andonius

    Mystery Photo, Burgos, 13 Sept 2015

    I think it's the procession of SANTO CRISTO (Saint Christ), one of the most populars in the city.
  6. andonius

    A wonderful Birthday present: Camino Magic

    Thanks to you all. I'm happy that my little "Camino Magic" moment means something for some of you and made you happy for a moment. Life is made of a bunch of happy memories like that and It's good to share them with friends. Just in case you want to know us, I leave you a picture of the whole...
  7. andonius

    A wonderful Birthday present: Camino Magic

    Today is my 60th birthday, and I wanted to share with all my pilgrim friends the wonderful present my family gave me last week-end. We live in Madrid, and my wife Paloma told me we were going to take a long weekend together in an unknown (to me!) place. On thursday she took the car and drove us...
  8. andonius

    Map of Spanish trails?

    The best one I have with all the Caminos in Spain is the one produced by the Spanish Official Geographic Institute. You can find it here, but I can't find a link to buy it (sorry): http://www.ign.es/web/catalogo-cartoteca/resources/html/030529.html If you want the most complete set of maps of...
  9. andonius

    Why multiple times on the CF?

    A good question with a very difficult and personal answer... I've walked solo, with family and with friends almost all northern Caminos : Frances, Primitivo, Aragones, Ingles, Portugues, Baztán, Del Norte, Sanabres... All of them are extremely beautiful. Some even more beautiful than the...
  10. andonius

    Descent to Cee

    I agree with Via2010. It's not a difficult descent. Just take it easy. I have those two pictures of last year. They don't give you a good idea of the degrees, but you can see it's a good path. The first one is a little chapel almost at the end of the descent and the second is the beggining of...
  11. andonius

    Is the Botafumeiro closed for repairs in 2018?

    If it is useful, I was yesterday, aug,29th 2018, at the Pilgrim's mass at 12:00 and we were lucky enough to see the Botafumeiro in use at the end of the mass. Lovely and breathtaking. Anyway, the section above main Altar was covered with scaffolds and looked like they were going to begin somo...
  12. andonius

    Condolence book for Denise

    Forever ....¡Buen Camino Peregrina! Rest in peace and watch for us, still walking our Camino.
  13. andonius

    An international no pooping sign? Who knew?

    I also saw that bizarre sign in a town near Samos. And only there... Due to its odd design someone wih a good sense of humour had written over it: "No pooping AND dancing at the same time". Funny.
  14. andonius

    Ankle injury just before my camino starts

    Sorry to hear about your injury. I don't want to be a spoilsport, but I'll consider to skip the stage of SJPP as it is the most phisically demanding of the whole Camino and it could worsen your damage. Alternative points of departure will be Roncesvalles or even Pamplona, leaving the Pirenees...
  15. andonius

    Things to see/things to do

    The path from Leon to Molinaseca is probably the part of el Camino that I like the most (not underestimating others, I mean) so I’ll try give you some other highlights of that part in case they’re useful: -Leon: Apart from the Cathedral , try to visit the wonderful “Panteon de los Reyes” at San...

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