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  1. AndreaCT

    AA meetings

    There is a discussion on the forum under Friends of Bill and Alanon in Santiago. You might be able to PM some of the people to find out if there are meetings along the way. I don't know your time zone, but maybe there's an on-line group for travellers. Or, if you're from Canada or the States...
  2. AndreaCT

    First-timer looking for Advice

    Hi Caroline, I walked the Portuguese Central route last May and my original plan was to walk the Coastal. I changed my mind about two weeks before I left. If you also end up doing that, the only place that I would consider booking as soon as you know, is Casa Fernanda. Her place is popular...
  3. AndreaCT

    Camino Frances 2019 PostScript 1: NOT TOO MUCH, NOT TOO FAST.

    Your own stamp!!! I absolutely love the idea and I thank you for my first big smile of the day!!
  4. AndreaCT

    Sara talks about her assault on the Salvador

    Oh my goodness Sara!! I was watching your You Tube video yesterday and thoroughly enjoying your adventure. What a shock to see this posting this morning on the forum. I am so, so sorry that this happened to you. I am so sorry that this happens to anyone. Thank you for pressing charges and...
  5. AndreaCT

    LIVE from the Camino Two donkeys, two dogs and my wife's cat

    I'm sorry to hear that Buddha is missing! I trust that he is adventuring and will return to where his family is. We had a local cat who visited people who fed him. One couldn't pick him up or get too close, but he was happy to eat any food that came his way. I put up notices to try and find...
  6. AndreaCT

    LIVE from the Camino Two donkeys, two dogs and my wife's cat

    Hey!!! So nice to see you back! I've been wondering how things have been going with you and your family. How is Buddha doing? Still scrapping with the locals?
  7. AndreaCT

    Last Minute Phone Plan Switch

    HI Dave, I'm so glad to hear that you're heading out again and that you dipped into your "emergency Camino kit". I trust that you and Jill will have a fantastic time! Enjoy your walk and the weather. It may be warmer than our unseasonably cold West Coast fall....
  8. AndreaCT

    Can't believe I'm in Santiago!

    Thanks for your post. It gave me my morning smile!
  9. AndreaCT

    Thanks all for the advice (photos)

    Thanks for posting these Sam, they are beautiful!!
  10. AndreaCT

    how much water?

    HI Mycroft, I would never ask for water without expecting to pay for something. I would fill up my water bottle in the bathroom and give a couple of euros or buy a coffee and fill up my water bottle before leaving or I would buy bottled water. Andrea
  11. AndreaCT

    Blister under callous on heel - do I ditch my shoes??

    The only other thing that I will add to this is that callous on the heel (back and sides) can often build up when one wears sandals. I don't know if this pertains to you or not, but if you were wearing sandals prior to your trip, this could have been part of the problem. If you weren't, you...
  12. AndreaCT

    screening "Camino Voyage" 7 August in NYC

    Many thanks for mentioning this Hill Walker! My tickets are now reserved for the showing in my city. I LOVE Demand Films; it's like a little teaser for a Film Festival.
  13. AndreaCT

    Help for Portugues Newbie

    I wore Hoka's on the Central Route this past May and my normally cranky feet were very happy. It was like walking on marshmallows. I personally don't like waterproof shoes because I found that they are never completely waterproof, they are hotter and they take longer to dry. When my shoes...
  14. AndreaCT

    how much water?

    My main water source was a litre of water and I found that there were enough restaurants/bars to refill so I never had a problem. I did have a back-up of less than 1/2 of a litre and I don't recall having to use that.
  15. AndreaCT

    Hats and shade... The definitive post...

    Bless your heart Tom for taking one for the team! I really appreciated the pictures and information about the options for shade. You said 9 days until Santiago - you're going back again! Is this the trip that your wife and your cat are accompanying you at the Pilgrim Office?

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