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  1. andrienettefourie

    40 year old boot style

    also has a pic of this one - but not as much moss then - special memories!
  2. andrienettefourie

    Camino de Frances 2008 SJPdP to Finisterre

    Camino de Frances 2008 SJPdP to Finisterre
  3. andrienettefourie

    All About Osprey

    I agree the water bottles are easier to clean out and I am sure must more hygienic. The bladders takes up too much space in my bag when full.
  4. andrienettefourie

    All About Osprey

    Thank you for this advice. Will be in Birmingham and Wales in October this year so will make sure to order it online the day we arrive for it to reach me before we leave again. Please please send me more details of the Exos 48, Exos 38 and Lumina 45 so I could compare. Weight is a big issue as...
  5. andrienettefourie

    to walk...

    to walk...
  6. andrienettefourie

    All About Osprey

    I am so jealous of you being right there in the midst of all the Osprey activity!! I am an avid Osprey lover and has hike all the major hikes in SA, the Camino, the Choquiquirao Trek up to Macchu Pichu and many other very long arduous Treks with my Osprey. I also use their normal travel luggage...