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    Getting to Ingles from Primitivo

    I remember reading on this wonderful forum, years ago, that you can skirt around the commotion of the Frances by —- somewhere towards the end of the Primitivo, I don’t remember where- - getting a bus and crossing over to the Ingles. Entering Santiago from the Ingles rather than from the...
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    Primitivo - General Comments

    oh I am so thankful and relieved someone who shares my terror of steep drop-offs has documented and posted this. My husband has been pushing for the Primitivo over options, for our first Camino. And I searched through the Primitivo posts looking for this specific info - because there's nothing...
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    how exposed are the Primitivo trails?

    Thanks for your note Tom. I'll see if i can find the posts from your walk last year.
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    how exposed are the Primitivo trails?

    That looks pretty hairy peregrino-tom! I will definitely be staring down at the path along that one. But it's not nearly as bad as the cliff-hugging path i ended up on at Zion National Park in Utah, for 5 hrs, with a 2500 foot sheer drop on one side. No rail of course. Yeah, so i trusted the...
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    how exposed are the Primitivo trails?

    Evan, Tia, Terry, Josefine, Ria - thanks so much for so kindly and generously jumping in with this clear and specific information. Just what i needed. Love the picture, Terry - makes me want to be there. And thanks for remembering me, Terry. We were going to do this last year but various things...
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    how exposed are the Primitivo trails?

    My husband is bery keen to hike the Primitivo. I'm a fairly tough hiker but - i must admit - i get really scared hiking along exposed, precipitous, ledge-type trails. I've been caught out with terrain like that in mid-hike and promised myself i'd never do that to myself again. Can someone please...
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    weather on the Norte

    thanks for your postings, everyone. Sabina. let us know how you make out please! Does anyone know how this rain and these road washouts has affected the Prmimitivo? Take care,peregrinos! Ann
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    Accommodation on the Camino Primitivo

    Thanks for the great information everyone - Terry, Cath, Janet and Tia! Ann
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    Accommodation on the Camino Primitivo

    Thank you Laurie! My husband and I are planning to do the Primitivo this year. We haven't booked our tickets yet - were watching to see how crowded it is due to it being a special year. Also trying to guage what would be the best time to do the Primitivo in terms of 1)avoiding peak-hour traffi...
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    LIVE from the Camino live from the Frances

    Hang in there FilmTurtle! Thanks for your posts.
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    Thank you Ivar

    Ivar, thank you for your attentively-monitored, well organized and user-friendly site! There is so much information here, it could be bedlam, but you have everything laid out very clearly. Fantastic resource. And thank you to the veteran posters who are so quick to respond to people's questions...
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    Thanks Sil. I live in Canada. It's amazing, really, how smoking in public places has become a social no no in North America. It's always a shock to go to Europe and my lungs and nose aren't used to it. Here in British Columbia there is no smoking in bars and restaurants. (That's not necessarily...
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    I found it really interesting to scroll through this section tonight, and the person who mentioned the potential fire hazard of some albergos lead me to wonder: Do people smoke in the public and/or sleeping areas of albergues? I know that Europeans smoke way more than North Americans, and in...
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    Phones and all things about phones

    It strikes me as a personal thing - whether people decide they need their phones or not, for their own particular reasons - and there's lots of room for that. I'm just about to do my first Camino and haven't seen this personally but do cringe at the thought of people walking around yelling into...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from el Primitivo?

    Tia, I've just been enjoying looking at Terry's posts from the Primitivo last year, and his blog. (Thanks Terry!) How long did it take him to walk the Primitivo portion? (I'm a bit confused because I think I read a post from him at the end saying he'd just spent 33 days on the Way - but I...