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  1. Antananarivo

    Prayer books

    Oye muchísimas gracias!!! Spanish is my first language and I didn't know about the daily meditations options. I already have the app on my phone, but after reading your advice I found the meditations under 'Guía del Peregrino'. Saludos.
  2. Antananarivo

    Your advice on my itinerary for Camino Frances Sep 2022

    Happy to hear that!. I am getting ready for my trip in early September. At the end my mother and sister will meet me in Santiago. God Bless and Buen Camino!
  3. Antananarivo

    LIVE from the Camino Me and my umbrella - envy of the Camino

    there are ways to attach the umbrella to your backpack.
  4. Antananarivo

    Peregrina bitten by snake near Lintzoain

    I live in Sydney. I have been living in Australia for 15 years and never had a snake encounter... until a couple of weeks ago in a near park. The first was a Red belly black snake. A week later a brown snake. I almost run over her. I was terrified. Hopefully I won't repeat that during my Camino...
  5. Antananarivo

    Last minute Q's, flying out in 3 days!

    Thanks for the info. I'll also travel to Paris from Sydney. I am doing my booster this weekend. Apart from the international Covid certificate, did you do a test before living Australia to show authorities you are not Covid positive? And, in relation to those three different Covid travel forms...
  6. Antananarivo

    Lourdes to SJPdP?

    Fantastic. Much appreciated.
  7. Antananarivo

    Lourdes to SJPdP?

    I have read from a couple of people that this route is even more beautiful than the Napoleon route in Camino Frances. Have you done both by any chance?. In any case I know that any route has things to offer.
  8. Antananarivo

    Lourdes to SJPdP?

    via Somport and then Camino Aragones to Puente de Reina?
  9. Antananarivo

    Lourdes to SJPdP?

    I should have been more cleared. I couldn't find in the website camino passing via Lourdes. But thanks for the clarification. I'll research the Piemonte route. Thanks.
  10. Antananarivo

    Lourdes to SJPdP?

    Hi, I have been reviewing the information provided by @Hans-Georg Goebel. I think what that it is not possible to start walking from Lourdes. Perhaps the advice is actually to get by public transport to a town called Oloron-Sainte-Marie and walk from there to And then from Somport, you...
  11. Antananarivo

    Lourdes to SJPdP?

    Hi there, My trip is in early September and I'm also thinking about visiting Lourdes for a couple of days before travelling to SJPP. When you say more beautiful, is compared to what? How many days would the above take? Are there enough albergues in that route? Thanks in advance.
  12. Antananarivo

    How to get weight down

    Have you considered only taking Disposable Flip Flops Foam Pedicure Spa Slippers? very light and you only need to take one pair for the whole trip. The pair weights only 31 grams. I bought here in Australia these
  13. Antananarivo

    I don’t like mummy sleeping bags

    As other have suggested here, I bought from Enlightened Equipment the following down blanket - it weights 0.322 grams: Revelation Custom (Down Type: 950, Temperature: 50°F (10°C), Length: Regular, Width: Wide, Add Draft Collar: No, Outside Fabric Options: Midnight Blue 7D, Inside Fabric Color...
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