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Recent content by anthikes

  1. anthikes

    2021 Camino Frances - will be more expensive !

    I would just start camping and not eating out. Can be done on less than 5 Euros
  2. anthikes

    Good location for Portuguese caminho albergue...

    There is a lot of red tape here so don't plan to open too soon. Helps if you can pay off local planners, many are willing to help in exchange for a few euros - this is how a friend turned her land into a campsite!
  3. anthikes

    State of Emergency, Again - Patience is a Virture

    It's a state of alarm not emergency! Wish people would get their facts right
  4. anthikes

    COVID Portugal enters 'state of calamity' (updated title, 14 Oct)

    You will be fine finding accommodation as private places are still open but bringing a tent is a good idea too. I cycled the route from Lisbon to Porto this year and found many good places to camp and stay. I then walked the coastal way and even managed to camp along there some nights, but there...
  5. anthikes

    COVID Portugal enters 'state of calamity' (updated title, 14 Oct)

    There is a lot, lot more testing now so no surprise cases have gone up! Deaths remain stable - that's a more important metric.
  6. anthikes

    Le Puy to Santiago 2021

    Would love to do the Le Put one day
  7. anthikes

    Via De La Plata In November

    It would be pretty grim particularly as you head further north. That said, you won't have a problem of extreme heat!
  8. anthikes

    Thinking about tents

    I think the camino numbers will return much sooner than the doom sayers predict.
  9. anthikes

    Le Puy-en-Velay to Conques - Question about water

    Wild camping in France is much more tolerated than in Spain so I am not sure why all the negativity towards carrying a tent. Not everyone can afford expensive gites every night!
  10. anthikes

    Are these all the Spanish and Portuguese Caminos?

    I made this map earlier in the year and will be updating it in 2021. I tried to include all known Caminos but I suspect there might be a couple that slipped through the net?? Would really appreciate any experts out there who may know of other routes. Thanks.
  11. anthikes

    Powder shampoo - this looks like it would be great for the Camino

    I use a shampoo bar too. Works very well, even wash my clothes with it
  12. anthikes

    On the coastal way

    I am in two minds about where to go from Caminha. Is the route through Vigo worth the big hike thru the city? I read it's not particularly pleasant. l have been to Vigo so won't be missing out if I headed up to Tui. Any thoughts on which way to go?
  13. anthikes

    On the coastal way

    I am now heading to V.do Castelo and I think all the municipals have been closed. One had a massive sign saying it would open in September. I have camped a couple times and stayed in privates. Seeing quite a few peregrinos now, three just went shooting past as I am in a cafe. I am not sure...
  14. anthikes

    On the coastal way

    I started from Porto yesterday and currently on the coastal route. I stayed in a campsite just before Labruge last night, an Orbitur that was only €6 for a tent, but they also offered cabins for pilgrims too, not sure how much they were though. The municipal is closed in Labruge and I am hearing...
  15. anthikes

    Currently Walking VDLP - Daily Updates

    Good to see other pilgrims out there. I am starting the Portuguese Coastal on Friday. Did the VdLP last year and is my fave to date. Good luck and hope it doesn't get too hot.