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Recent content by Artemisofephesus

  1. Artemisofephesus

    Still having foot issues 4 years later - thoughts?

    Dear all, Gosh, it's been a while since I've been on this forum! I walked the Camino in winter 2009. I started developing pain in the soles of my feet (and everywhere else, while I was walking) about halfway into my pilgrimage, but because I was a driven seventeen-year-old, my headspace didn't...
  2. Artemisofephesus

    What is the one albergue you would avoid?

    Well, I kinda have a grudge against the municipal albergue in Hontanas for giving me bedbugs, and the railway albergue in Fromista was horrible (dirty, no control over lights and being harassed by men in the bar next door) but other than that, I really think it depends on the hospitalero/a and...
  3. Artemisofephesus

    Loss of Body Weight

    I didn't lose a single gram. Too much chocolate and yummy village bread. And chocolate on said bread. Makes a nice christmas lunch, actually (that was what I had Christmas 2009!): The sheer amount of food I consumed on my camino was terrifying. I remember arriving in Burgos on a Monday after...
  4. Artemisofephesus

    What is the one albergue you would avoid?

    The railroad albergue in Fromista - really really dirty, expensive, and we had no control over the lights, they jut randomly went on and off. And when we went to the bar next door we got hit on my drunk old men. Not fun. After that, Espiritu Santu in Carrion was pure bliss! So tranquil and...
  5. Artemisofephesus

    Getting dressed, best time of day to walk, cold legs?

    I walked a winter camino, (end November to end December) so I changed my underwear in the shower in the afternoons and slept in my thermal shirt and leggings at night. That way I only had to put on my other shirt, fleece jacket and pants when I got up. Very easy! As for ettiquette, I can't...
  6. Artemisofephesus

    from Ponferrada in January

    I walked that stretch in December last year and some of the albergues were very cold. Ave Fenix and the municipal in Villafranca were not heated (very much), the municipal in Vega de valcarce had a heater which we put into one room to at least be warm there (it also had an open air kitchen...
  7. Artemisofephesus

    Australian Pilgrim meetings

    Thanks for the comments, KiwiNomad06 and CaroleH! It was definitely an adventure... especially with the snow! Luckily we met some great people who we were able to walk together with in that section! Would have been tough going on my own.
  8. Artemisofephesus

    Hiking and Gore-Tex

    Next time I think I will ditch the rain pants and get an altus poncho with some good gaiters. Because I think I will never be a summer walker... And wet feet suck.
  9. Artemisofephesus

    Hiking and Gore-Tex

    I saw those photos on your winter camino video, they're almost identical to ones I have! I walked through those puddles and streams two weeks before you.
  10. Artemisofephesus

    Australian Pilgrim meetings

    Hello to all the other Australian pilgrims! My name's also Jo, I'm currently 18 and live on the north coast of NSW, a couple of minutes out of Lismore. I walked the Camino Frances from Roncesvalles to Santiago last year in November and December, and am planning on walking from Le Puy to...
  11. Artemisofephesus

    Hiking and Gore-Tex

    Haha, so true. Same goes for most rain jackets. Try walking into thick snow at O'Cebreiro and then coming down towards Triacastela to find thatthe camino has just been turned into a river... with 15cm of water gushing down. Or a puddle sobig that it takes up the whole path, and there really is...
  12. Artemisofephesus

    Christmas Caminino

    Hi1 I walked the camino in November/december last year, finishing in Santiago on the 29th. Over the christmas period itself I found that many things were open, and you shouldn't have trouble finding a place to sleep and eat. However, we stayed in Santiago over New Year's and it was terrible...
  13. Artemisofephesus

    Fear: the Return Home

    I was 17 when I walked in winter last year. Fresh out of school, life, everything... the camino was great. It was so comforting knowing that you had a bed and food waiting for you at the end of the day. No existential thoughts or feelings. Just peace. And very painful tendonitis. But ah well...
  14. Artemisofephesus

    Safety for young women

    I walked the camino in November-December last year with a friend my age. I was only 17 at the time and nothing ever happened to make me feel uncomfortable in the least! (Ok, there was one time with this guy in a bar who was obviously drunk. But we just left and that was that.) Seriously, we...
  15. Artemisofephesus

    Sleeping time: what to wear?

    I slept in my thermal stuff/long johns for the next day, sometimes even my shirt and jumper. Got pretty cold in December... But it was really practical in the mornings, all I had to do was pull on my hiking pants over my long johns and my fleece jacket and off I went!