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    Should I start Camino in two weeks (December 2022)

    Hi. I don't know if you have done any other caminos in Spain. I did 3 weeks in Norte last summer and I miss it terribly, so I am doing a week of the Francés in early December, only free period I've got is 3-8 December. Use the web of Aprinca, which has already been posted. Also use Gronze and I...
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    November Camino - (F) alone?

    I am planning on doing a short part of the Francés, from December 2-8, Burgos-Sahagun. I hope we meet, also a female walking solo, I have some experience in caminos but not in winter!
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    Starting in two days!

    Sure, same here!
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    Starting in two days!

    Yeah, I've been reading you, super useful! Tks. Buen camino!!
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    Starting in two days!

    I am terribly excited and also scared to death. I am temporarily leaving my job and family to walk the Norte as far as I dare. I am Spanish but will be crossing the border and going to Bayonne cause Gronze recommended it and I love adventure. Few pilgrims there, I'm afraid but in two days I will...
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    Lockers in Irun

    Hey, that's an idea haha! I also found those lockers in San Sebastián, but they are like 22 I'm from the airport. The post office in Irún, on the other hand, is a 20 min walk. I may use one of your ideas, but I think I am previously contacting muy Albergue in Irún to ask them the favour as...
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    Lockers in Irun

    Hello, I am starting in 4 days, will be flying to San Sebastián but I plan to start in France, in Bayonne. I want to have some of my luggage carried so I am using Correos service but as it starts in Irún, I need to keep my things somewhere while I walk the first two stages from France. I thought...
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    Necessary to book train tickets from Santiago to Madrid in mid-October?

    The free thing is for everyday commuters, not for long distance trains. That said, I would recommend booking in advance , I had to pay over 100€ because everything was full two weeks before muy journey.
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    Etiquette/ what to wear at churches

    I agree with most of people here, there's no problem at all with your attendance, many other people do, pilgrims masses are pretty informal, wear your sandals with no concerns. I just want to share my experience of it helps you somehow. I am Spanish and I don't believe in God at all. As a child...
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    Advice,,, Madrid Airport to Madrid Train Station

    If you are taking the train to the North of Spain, you'll be looking for Chamartín Station. There is a pretty good subway network that connects it with the airport. That will be the cheapest way to make it. Just follow the subway map and make sure to buy something called "tarjeta multi" and...

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