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  1. Awakekiwi

    Pre-Booking Lodgings and Availability

    Great I love that sentiment thing. I have many fond memories of special lodgings along the way and special connection with some.. and I agree.. we found a wonderful place in central Santiago that could only be booked directly. I recommend also looking for the website of hostels when you find...
  2. Awakekiwi

    Extra day off

    I agree with others.. play it by ear.. for example.. I would say Pamplona is an excellent place to take a day off.. Even though it's so early in the walk.. It has a special feel to it.. especially in the center castle .. where people are very free and easy.. and that revolutionary spirit is...
  3. Awakekiwi

    Albergues versus hostels etc

    I think you'll find that the situation changes as you walk so in some towns a better deal will be another option.. but booking ahead also limits your flexibility with schedule. I recommend a combination of all options.. For example using the large donativos in some locations to save money and...
  4. Awakekiwi

    Travel Medical Insurance: Do. Get. It.

    So your saying 12€ for the whole year? Or per week? Insurance in New Zealand is expensive.. I'd be looking at likely $300 - $400. I didn't even consider it. All insurance is optional in NZ. We have free medical but of course it doesn't cover travel abroad. I just trusted I would be ok...
  5. Awakekiwi

    State of mind

    During my walk my grandmother passed away back home and so I ended up watching the funeral on the top bunk of my bed on my phone (not live due to time difference) and it was very helping to be on the Camino at the time.. I did almost no planning on that Camino.. no booking ahead ... Just basic...
  6. Awakekiwi

    Looking for Daniel from England...walking with crutches

    Hello All. But later to chime in here but I met Daniel on the walk I forget the exact location but it was a small building converted to a free place to stay outside of a town and had a small pool for bathing feet and was said to be special water. Anyway we had a night there hanging out with...
  7. Awakekiwi

    Old boots?

    yes perhaps i will edit this to read many or most.. it was not accurate.. i have edited it now.. :) Im sure some will be fine if they have the perfect boots for them.. I have never liked boots as I like my feet to breath so I guess im biased!
  8. Awakekiwi

    Teva women's sandals

    Any of the Teva brand with the Shocpad for heal support, then you can throw away your boots, wont need them! Used my Tevas for the whole Camino SJPDP to Finisterre no problems at all!
  9. Awakekiwi

    "Techy" question...

    Install chrome browser on your iphone.. bingo problems solved.. :)
  10. Awakekiwi

    Old boots?

    I would actually say don't use old or new boots! And im quite serious about this.. The Camino is totally different to hiking.. most of the time you are walking on hard surfaces, concrete, pavement, roads, stone paths etc.. not so much dirt or tracks.. 80% hard surfaces.. you need really good...
  11. Awakekiwi

    Camino Frances May 2017 will it be a race for a bed?

    I had a lightweight tent and used it about 10 times.. just to have a break from all the noise of the albergues and also times when beds were full.. also slept on floors a few times when there were no beds left. We were on a tight budget so private places were not usually an option. We always...
  12. Awakekiwi

    Help. Loved but hated it.

    If you look at some of the pics i posted here.. graffiti can be beautiful.. https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/some-graffiti-and-related-inspiration-may-june-2016.45752/#post-484000 But also what really gets to me is all the tagging on every post.. i dont mind some words of...
  13. Awakekiwi

    The fastest way to get to SJPP from biarritz airport

    oh yes there was a strike on when we were there.. limited trains in the whole area including Lourdes.
  14. Awakekiwi

    The fastest way to get to SJPP from biarritz airport

    Yes thats much better than trying to rush from Biarritz. Its actually nice to relax in SJPDP because its actually one of the most picturesque gorgeous towns on the camino.. if you take the early train.. (i think from memory there are just 2 trains per day) then you will have all day to explore...
  15. Awakekiwi

    Camino Office in SJPP

    They also have free wifi which turned out to be quite handy while organising my trip and downloading camino maps and apps :)

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