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  1. Barbara

    Alvia train Barcelona - Pamplona with Mountain bike.... Bike travel bag needed?

    Yes, dismantled as required. Arrived a lot flatter. Front fork squished, one wheel twisted.
  2. Barbara

    Weirdest/Strangest item someone has taken on the Camino

    I had a full size folding chair, two sheepskins, and a three person tent, as well as the electric fence, and anywhere between ten and one kilos of assorted grains. Of course, I did also have a large donkey.
  3. Barbara

    Personal report: my most challenging day on the Salvador

    Well, that was rather my point. If you don't book ahead then you can stop earlier than you intended if you are tired.
  4. Barbara

    Personal report: my most challenging day on the Salvador

    So, the take away from this is? Don't plan quite so much?
  5. Barbara

    Pilgrim in spirit?

    What has walking from St Jean pied de Port got that walking from Sarria hasn't got? Neither the one or the other is home for most of the people who walk to Santiago. If it is accepted that most pilgrims start in a train or car or aeroplane why does it matter where they start putting one foot in...
  6. Barbara

    Pilgrim in spirit?

    Well, that rules out a lot of people. Including people with a disability. I think a lot of pilgrims over the centuries would also have been excluded. Not everyone on pilgrimage in the middle ages was devout, and most of them stayed at monasteries. Some were sent as a punishment, some were even...
  7. Barbara

    Pilgrim in spirit?

    No, it doesn't. Plenty of people use pack transport. You can be a pilgrim if you fly to Santiago. It's only if you want the Compostela that you have to walk the last 100km. You don't have to carry anything at all. You don't have to stay in albergues if you don't want to. The only problem you...
  8. Barbara

    Pedals for biking

    Good question. Personally, unless you plan to be on the road all the time I would go for flats. I have single sided clip in pedals on my trike, but although clipping out is just the same, I find clipping in more of a problem as you have to get the right side uppermost. If you do decide on spd go...
  9. Barbara

    LIVE from the Camino Waiting for pilgrims in Canfranc

    It's a lovely route. I cycled from Lescar and went by the Foz de Lumbier (spelling?). Also a diversion via Lourdes. All worth doing. I went home from Estella via a not very hilly route which included a disused railway and got the train at Bayonne. Must do the rest from further east in France...
  10. Barbara

    Alert Forest fires in Spain

    Major fires in the Gironde which will affect pilgrims on the Tours or coastal routes in France. Mostly the coastal route, but the smoke is getting a long way north, as far as the Vienne, and is quite thick in Bordeaux.
  11. Barbara

    Darn those downhill stretches suck - some ideas to strengthen your body for downhills

    Poles are good. Yoga is even better.
  12. Barbara

    How Hot Is Too Hot? A recent study.

    Wow. I'll just go inside now then. Instead of finishing my second beer and cycling home.
  13. Barbara

    LIVE from the Camino A Camino of blisters and broken things

    Where are you now? Someone may be able to help.....
  14. Barbara

    LIVE from the Camino A Camino of blisters and broken things

    Rest day called for, I think. Alternate ice and heat will help if it's muscle pain and not do any harm if it's a stress fracture. I doubt if any hospital would do an MRI straight off anyway. Plain old x-ray would be more likely. Do you use poles? Might be a good idea.
  15. Barbara

    Bicycle danger near Castrojeriz

    Did my first Camino on a bike. I suspect I walked about twenty percent of it. I used the road when the track looked a bit dodgy. But of course in 2000 we didn't get a forum to tell us all this obvious stuff. Oh yes, I started about 700km before SJPP. Even then, there were signs and I owned a...
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