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Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
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    Footwear advice

    Not to worry and no need to apologize. I use remedy loosely... it something works for me, it's my remedy. I interpret a remedy as fixing something, so if something fixes an ache or pain, it becomes my remedy. A glass or two of red wine is my evening remedy for overcoming a highly stressful...
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    Footwear advice

    Yes, saw that when researching but thanks for adding the clarification.
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    Footwear advice

    Thank you so much for you kind advice. Not sure what the flour tablets and arnica pillules are but will do research.
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    Footwear advice

    I am praying that I will one day make my second Camino. I've been planning it but now am experiencing a lot of hip and knee problems. I try to ignore, but hard to do when the pain keeps me awake at night and I have trouble walking when I get up in the morning. Does get better during the day...
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    A Pilgrim Offering

    Thanks much for the offer. I tried but was told the offer is for UK only. I'm in the US and wouldn't let me download.
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    Lighting candles in Spain for the dead

    Not a silly thing at all. ❤
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    RIP Megumi Shiozawa

    So sad to hear this. May she rest in peace.
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    The Easter Vigil denied.

    The Easter Vigil is my favorite night of the year. It's the night I was baptized 25 years ago and the evening brings back wonderful memories. My second (or maybe equally) favorite night of the year is midnight mass at Christmas. My church celebrates at 11:00 pm with carols from the choir...
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    COVID Staying Connected In Difficult Times

    The priest at my church, who walked the Norte in 2017, was scheduled to walk a pilgrimage through Italy to Rome in May. A fellow priest and friend was planning on walking with him. They are both very disappointed they won't be going.
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    An Interesting Map

    I'm one of those in that big red map to the left... when I did my Camino in 2017 I made a list of a few converted miles to kilometers and Fahrenheit to Celsius and taped it in the back of my journal. I just wanted to relate metric to what I knew. Kilometers became easier but I could never...
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    Quick “The Way” synopses (and tribute)

    I did my first Camino in 2017 because of The Way... loved it. Watched it so many times I could quote it. Still love it, still watch it.
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    Vegan IS possible :)

    This list is amazing. Great job. I'll never know for sure, but once home, someone brought up the idea that since I did start eating meat and dairy, it might have caused the inflammation in my system that brought on the bursitis in my heels. This list is going in my Camino 2020 folder for...
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    Vegan IS possible :)

    Thank you so much for this. I am vegan and although I didn't start adding meat/dairy into my diet before I left, I did weaken and gave in while on the Camino due to lack of planning on my part. It just got easier, especially after my heels started hurting so badly I could barely walk. This...
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    Any Resolutions for repeat Pilgrims?

    I love your resolutions. The same thing happened to me in 2017. My Camino ended in Astorga... also health issues of a sort. When I decided to finish from Astorga in 2020, I thought about the exact things you mentioned above and have decided to start over in SJPDP. The snorers never bothered...
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    Time for Some Trail Runners

    Thank you for this. I just responded to another post about the "squishy" marshmallow feel. I've always liked the stability of a boot, but I ended up with bursitis in both heels in 2017 and couldn't finish. I've been trying anything and everything since. Love REI's return policy. So far my...