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    I didn't walk the whole Camino Ingles....

    Absolutely beautiful. You turned what could have been a big negative into an absolute positive. So happy for you.
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    Calm Down

    I totally overthought my first Camino. I did have to cut it short at Astorga (feet problems - bursitis, but nary a blister the whole way), but I intend to go back and finish from Astorga to Santiago, and already anticipating my second full Camino from St. Jean... only this time with much less...
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    Stuff I was wrong about - And Trail Runners

    Thank you for all this info. My issue - after roughly 300 miles on the CF which sent me home - was bursitis in both heels, which I'm pretty sure came from my boots. I had never had this before the Camino (and I hike at home a lot); my doctor said it was from the constant day-in and day-out...
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    Peregrino Torture Tower

    Amen for Camino angels.
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    Peregrino Torture Tower

    Oh, I remember it well. I had to cut my Camino short last year in Astorga because of excruciating pain in both feet due to bursitis (diagnosis once reaching home). When I saw that I had to cross this I nearly sat down and cried. It took me what seemed like forever to get across, and on top...
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    Pilgrim passport for Camino Finisterre

    You are right... I was thinking of the trip to Finisterre, not the return trip home. My apologies.
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    Pilgrim passport for Camino Finisterre

    -------------------------------- He said they were walking and was inquiring about passports... wouldn't that make them pilgrims?
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    Astorga to Santiago -- lots of questions!

    Thank you for this info. I attempted to walk the Camino last June/July (2017) from SJPP but unfortunately had to cut it short due to unforeseen pain in both feet. I had anticipated every conceivable foot problem but inflamed bursas (my doctor's diagnosis once home - bursitis in both heels -...
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    Where to put what at bedtime?

    Actually read it somewhere on this forum awhile back. Not sure who or when posted. Yes, I was concerned about the rustling. What you say makes sense. And I am familiar with the messy little beasts... once when I was quite young my family got infested with them. I still remember the signs...
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    Don't sweat the packing list

    Thanks. I'm ready to leave all this planning stuff behind and get on the road. I'm hoping to find that all the worry I've put into this has all been for naught :rolleyes:
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    Proper Preparation?

    Good question and one I have been asking myself - about myself. Now the time is near and I still only know a few basic phrases that I've learned living in Southern California. I do plan on doing my best - needed or not - to speak as much Spanish as I can. I believe it is the polite thing to...
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    Where to put what at bedtime?

    I've read that I should put my backpack in a large black trash liner at night and secure the top. Sounds reasonable. I'm bringing the trash liner just in case.
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    Don't sweat the packing list

    I agree. It pains me that I worry so much about my packing list... trust me. I do not want to bring too much because I like to travel light. But I do want to have the necessities until I at least get some experience under my belt. My packing list guide was written by S. Yates (some of you...
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    Is carrying your own backpack a thing of the past?

    Sorry... missed it before :oops: They are identical and I'm going for it. Thanks!!
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    Is carrying your own backpack a thing of the past?

    Trust me, I can distinguish between a "need" and a "want". Once I am on the Camino I will determine what I thought was a "need" is actually a "want", and that "want" will be the first to go. I am at a bare minimum in my pack, I believe, but my weight and the 10% rule is creating the problem...

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