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  1. Beeks

    Petition to stop lithium mine in Cañaveral

    If it is indeed a "David vs. Goliath" fight, I have some good news for you... ;)
  2. Beeks

    American pilgrims may be interested in this page...

    The key to becoming a multi-millionaire is NOT paying for credentials. 🤣
  3. Beeks

    Blister and injury prevention

    My wife, my 3 kids and I did a mini -camino last April. St. Jean to Pamplona. Took the train to Sarria and finished in Santiago de Compestela. We all Family did a mini-Camino last April. St. Jean to Pamplona, train to Sarria, then finished in Santiago de Compestela. We all used...
  4. Beeks

    How to handle a stubborn, manipulative female on the Camino. Learn for free!

    I thought Mrs. Beeks went on Camino without me! 😆
  5. Beeks

    Travelling from Pamplona to St Jean de PP

    This taxi company is great. I think the only wrinkle I had was the online reservation form, as it will ask for a "NIF number" which is a tax ID number. I couldn't hack my way around this, as it is required information. Do you put 9 zeros? 9 nines? 867-5309? I ditched the online...
  6. Beeks

    Buen Camino App

    Awesome! Buen Camino!
  7. Beeks

    Buen Camino App

  8. Beeks

    To the person who wanted to inspire love . . . you didn't!

    While not a graffiti fan, this gave me a chuckle... DON'T DO IT KIDS!
  9. Beeks

    The Camino does NOT start in StJpdP - discuss

    Not sure about this Saint Jean place, but I had always assumed Jesus started in Sarria. Until I saw this. Huh. :D
  10. Beeks

    Camino Frances - Where am I? (a bit of fun)

    O Mirador... dinner.... sigh.... 😆
  11. Beeks

    Learning Spanish

    Rosetta Stone and Duolingo were my two main avenues of learning. What I also found helpful, and very enjoyable, were the YouTube videos from the channel Dreaming Spanish. Spoken only in Spanish, with simple drawings to aid learning. They have SuperBeginner, Beginner, Intermediate, and...
  12. Beeks

    LIVE from the Camino Any suggestions for place to stay in o pedrouzo.

    Our group of 6 stayed at the Alburgue Cruciero de Pedrouzo. Large, a bit chaotic but well run, clean.
  13. Beeks

    First-Timer Seeking Reservation Advice

    Conversely, had the Napoleon route been open, we would have stayed at Orrison and called and cancelled our Valcarlos reservations. :D
  14. Beeks

    First-Timer Seeking Reservation Advice

    The Napoleon route was closed the day we walked. Not sure OrrIson was going to turn away pilgrims that day. However, the proper thing to do is to call and cancel, of course.