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  1. benny aumala

    The Best Photos from My Camino

    Georgeous! Thank you!
  2. benny aumala

    28L pack on the Camino Frances this October

    1 kg in shoes equals 5 kg in rucksack.
  3. benny aumala

    Sleeping bag or Klymit blanket on CF in fall?

    Read right! The name is HALTI, not Haiti. Halti is name of our highest Fjell (or mountin if you will). This trade name has plenty of outdoor gadgets. Buen Camino! Benny
  4. benny aumala

    Sleeping bag or Klymit blanket on CF in fall?

    How about this? To reduce weight.
  5. benny aumala

    Ikea Poncho

    Sorry, that was in Japan and prices in jens. What afailure of me!
  6. benny aumala

    Ikea Poncho

    IKEA Knalla-poncho: IKEA Saltsten rain-poncho: Price in swedish crowns: divide by about 10 to get Euro-price.
  7. benny aumala

    Places to stay in or near Orisson.

    Starting from SJPdP you will pass Albergue Ferme Ithurburia (Hontto) in km 5,3. Thereafter is the gravel path ziczacing steep upwards (worst part indeed). When this gravel part joins tarmac way, there is Gite Kayola in km6,7. Kayola is part of Orisson, but 800 meters before. Beds available, all...
  8. benny aumala

    I don’t like mummy sleeping bags

    Something like this: Use it as a blanket or quilt. My fafourite except in winter.
  9. benny aumala

    Advice for New Peregrino Starting in May

    You have a lamp in your phone? Then the second is not needed.
  10. benny aumala

    Sleeping bag? Use it like a quilt. Benny
  11. benny aumala

    What to do if there is no bed in Orisson

    In addition to Burda (after Orisson) there are beds in Kayola, about 800 meters before Orisson. Booked via Orisson. Dinner and breakfast is possible in Orisson. One possibility is to walk to Orisson, take a taxi back to S.Jean, take a taxi in the morning to Orisson and carry on. Easy, if you are...
  12. benny aumala

    Make My Mind Up 4 Me

    Do not buy anything you need. Just what you cannot do without. I vote for your medium weight long sleeve merino t-shirt. Benny
  13. benny aumala

    Which sleeping bag?

    You need a quilt ! See Snugpak jungle Blanket. A 1 meter zipper attached to form a footbox makes it. Your garments in backpack gives margin for additional temperature insulation.
  14. benny aumala

    Using a larger Backpack, just not filling it up. Thoughts?

    If you go kayaking, it is all the same, if you have a big or small kayak. It is all the same, if your trip is just overnight or several weeks. Your kayak is always full !!
  15. benny aumala

    Sleeping bags

    Standard Jungle Blanket. I put a 1 meter zipper to make a footbox and use it as quilt. Zipper allows to open it for usual blanket. Very good!
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