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Recent content by Bernice M

  1. Bernice M

    Icebreaker Merino Shirts - Now a Blend - Alternatives?

    Try untouchedworld.com. Beautiful stuff but expensive. Yes, you are right about Icebreaker - they sold out and now the fabrics have been dumbed down. Recent colour ranges have been second rate as well - dreary. As to the recommendation to wash your overlarge stuff in hot water to shrink it, it...
  2. Bernice M

    Virtual Camino Many Forum Members on the Lana, Part 2 (Cuenca to Burgos)

    AJG Thank you for being the god of short distances.
  3. Bernice M

    Virtual Camino Many Forum Members on the Lana, Part 2 (Cuenca to Burgos)

    In October 2019 there was a carnicería in Alatoz which sold a few groceries, plus salami and other long-ish lasting goods. Also I vaguely recall a small tienda for groceries.
  4. Bernice M

    Requena: a Winter Camino?

    BP, did you do your Camino Requena walk or no?
  5. Bernice M

    Virtual Camino Many Forum Members on the Lana, Part 2 (Cuenca to Burgos)

    Thank you VN walking. Recently I found myself in camino garb (don't really own anything other than hiking gear), bare feet (it's summer here) and glued to the virtual camino. It's a good substitute, although my friends regard me as a tragic. I'm looking out for AJGuillaume to knock those...
  6. Bernice M

    Virtual Camino Many Forum members on the Lana

    The Green River would be useful if you were staying for a day or two and couldn't stay an extra night in the albergue. Everyone speaks highly of the albergue and its hospitalero.
  7. Bernice M

    Virtual Camino Many Forum members on the Lana

    I recommend the Green River Hostel, Av Virgen de la Luz, 15,16002 Cuenca. Breakfast was in the price. Laundry, dryer. In the next street over from the camino albergue. Across the road from the Río Júcar. Right on the bus route to the distance trains station if you're leaving the camino here...
  8. Bernice M

    Camino Frances: Background, statistics, and prognosis for the near future.

    Do people receive a vaccination 'passport'?
  9. Bernice M

    Virtual Camino Many Forum members on the Lana

    I recall only Fogones el chato. I ate the lunch menu del día. Well priced, good food. Sorry, I can't recall any others. I went there based on someone else's recommendation.
  10. Bernice M

    A group walk

    The long stages, 38 - 70kms are cycling days, if that's any consolation. And a relay format is proposed. Can a anyone who has walked it explain why the long stages are so long?
  11. Bernice M

    Via Tolosana

    I walked Arles-Santiago in September-mid-November 2015. Yes, it was quiet. I walked with other people for about a week, but after Toulouse I walked entirely alone until I reached the Francés at Puente la Reina. I often had albergues to myself. The welcoming party sometimes outnumbered me 3 to 1...
  12. Bernice M

    walking the Camino aged 79 (the French way)

    Bill, I reckon if you use the Port Hills as your training ground, you will have no problems. Lots of challenge in those hills. Just take them slow. You'll look at the Pyrenees and wonder what the fuss was about. Ditto O Cebreiro. And you have that circular route through Christchurch if you want...
  13. Bernice M

    Virtual Camino Many Forum members on the Lana

    Hear, hear, Bad Pilgrim. The care from the amigos was exceptional. I was No.150 in 2019, photo taken and all. As I arrived in the centre of town I sought directions for the albergue and a recommendation for lunch. The man giving me directions was interrupted by someone else saying that the...
  14. Bernice M

    Romanesque architecture for beginners

    Just came across an excellent book, Rolf Toman (ed), Romanesque: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, HF Ullmamn, 2004. IT has an instructive chapter on Romanesque building styles and individual chapters on Romanesque architecture in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Also a combined...
  15. Bernice M

    Romanesque architecture for beginners

    I would recommend Philip Ball's Universe of Stone, about the triumph of Gothic architecture, but noteworthy for its discussion of Romanesque. He describes the different look in terms of the stones being for the purpose of holding up the building, whereas Gothic represents an enormous...