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    Translate into Galician

    I didn't know that 'galego' was 'gallego' in Spanish However, it seemed logical to me to refer to the language 'galego' in galego, rather than Spanish. I know that in some languages (I didn't know it was in Romance languages in general) the first letters of languages are not capitalised. It's...
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    Translate into Galician

    I have sent a comment to She seems quite definite that the Spanish word is botafumeiro, and that there is just a slight difference in spelling between that and the Galician spelling, which she gives as exactly the same word. So either she made a typo in giving the Spanish...
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    Translate into Galician

    Exactly! That's kinda why I posted it. But the pilgrimtraveler entry implies that there is a difference in spelling, it's just that they spelt one of them wrong. However, as Wendy and Felipe have pointed out, pilgrimtraveler is wrong and there is no difference in the spelling of 'botafumeiro'...
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    Translate into Galician

    I found this on "The Spanish word for thurible, or incense-burner is botafumeiro. In Gallego, the language of the region, it is botafumeiro, just a slight difference in the spelling of the word, yet enough to make it very confusing!" (Read it twice!) I am confused! What...
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    Where was I?

    I was using film back in 2003, so these photos are not tagged with a date and time. Still less GPS, which I still don't have. So if you know where they were taken, I'd be grateful if you'd tell me. The four similar ones were obviously taken in the same church, so perhaps I only needed to post...
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    Did you see the ostrich?

    This was on the outskirts of León in 2003.
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    Money exchange - current rates

    I was twice presented with a credit card receipt that said I'd been offered the choice to have the sum deducted in euros or GBP and I had chosen GBP. And that it could not be refunded. First part completely untrue! The first place said they were unable to change it, i.e. refund and start again...
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    Advice requested for solo pilgrim - Somport start

    I walked from Lescar to Somport, having flown in to Lourdes. I recommend you read Charl Durand's blog of his walk with Adeline from Lourdes, crossing the border at Portalet. I didn't find my route very difficult, but I didn't visit the monastery.
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    LIVE from the Camino First meal in Spain

    Burn that camino, Arn!:)
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    Cruz de los Valientes

    Oh, Kather1na! You come up with the goods once again! What a detective you would make! I'd like to stick that in the pipe of the Tourist Office of Santo Domingo and suggest that they smoke it. However, it indicates that I was wrong in my assumption that Mario's wooden cross was still there in...
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    Cruz de los Valientes

    I have attached my photo of the cross (2016). It is grey rather than silver, and it is very smooth. Even when I zoom in I cannot see a trace of grain. Of course, that could be because it has had 50 coats of grey paint applied over the years.
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    Cruz de los Valientes

    Thanks for that, Tincatinker. Can you account for the appearance of the cross? I'll take a magnet with me on my next camino.
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    Cruz de los Valientes

    The Cruz de los Valientes (Cross of the Brave), between Santo Domingo de la Calzada and Grañón, is made of wood, according to the Santo Domingo tourist office, and just about every website I saw on the first page of Google results. The tourist office says it was erected early in the 19th...
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    Name this flower (please)

    Thanks, all of the above. Is it odd that 'merendero' means snack-room, tea-room, and picknicking place, while merendera is this flower? What a difference a letter makes! Plenty of English words change their meaning radically if you change one letter -- of course, I can't think of one now. It...
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    Name this flower (please)

    The photo of some flowers I saw on my camino was taken in October 2016 between Lacommande and Oloron. I had previously seen similar flowers in Spain -- fields of them giving the whole field a pink blush. I asked what they were called in Villalcázar de Sirga, and the barman said they were called...