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Recent content by biarritzdon

  1. biarritzdon

    Questions from a cell phone idiot

    I don't want to start a fight over which phone service is the best in Europe. I have used Orange for years and never had a problem with moving country to country. Several years ago I used Vodafone and the process to add minutes was confounding, granted that was several years ago.
  2. biarritzdon

    2-factor ID, banking and tech.

    I do not know how or if T-Mobile operates in Canada but the new iPhone 13 with a T-Mobile service contract that I recently upgraded to has a data plan at no additional cost for service in Europe (voice is another story at $0.25 per minute.) I purchased my phone so it is unlocked and it has an...
  3. biarritzdon

    Questions from a cell phone idiot

    I had an iPhone S for more than 15 years, I purchased the phone at a T-Mobile shop when there were no monthly plan and for years my service was a "pay as you go" plan. It made my life very simple when I lived or traveled to France and Spain, I would just walk into an Orange Shop and buy a plan...
  4. biarritzdon

    Questions from a cell phone idiot

    Ask your provider.
  5. biarritzdon

    COVID Post-Covid Camino desires ... considering TWO Caminos within a period of a half year+.

    While I was living in Biarritz, I did that several times and walking more than one Camino in a year, but..... then I don't have a dog and I am retired.
  6. biarritzdon

    Caldo Galego cooking today

    I have several "go to" recipes like that when I am missing the Camino. Poulet Basque and Chipirons are my favorites and fortunately to achieve the correct flavor I always bring back a treasured supply of Piment d'Espelette.
  7. biarritzdon

    Comment by 'biarritzdon' in media 'Dawn at Puerto de Ulla'

    The old adage, "Red sky at night sailor's delight, red sky in the morning sailor's warning." How was your day?
  8. biarritzdon

    Questions from a cell phone idiot

    Tinc is right. The first question you should ask your current provider is: Am I "locked?' or "unlocked?' If you're locked you're basically f...ed! If you're unlocked when you go to the Orange Shop they will take care of everythng for you when you buy your minutes. Store your current Sim in a...
  9. biarritzdon

    COVID great airfares, but is it safe to go to Spain?

    The restrictions on the airlines as well as France and Spain are a "moveable" target, much like Hemingway's feast. I have an inexpensive ticket on TAP which I purchased for travel in 2020, I have changed it 4 times with out paying lots of fees. My latest plans are August/September 2022. Fingers...
  10. biarritzdon

    How do people 60-and-over plan their Camino?

    OMG a thread started 11 years ago. I wonder if they are still alive after the Camino?
  11. biarritzdon

    Meseta: Etapas? Nice private rooms?

    Perhaps getting lost the next day shaded my view.
  12. biarritzdon

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Where and when did you volunteer? I was in Cote d'Ivoire during 2002 and relocated to Togo after the civil unrest closed down the PC. I extended my service for 3 years in the north of Togo and managed the transit house in Kara my final year.
  13. biarritzdon

    Camino del Norte guidebook?

    I carried the Wise Pilgrim with me.
  14. biarritzdon

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    An old thread but I'll add something about my Caminos and age. I have walked numerous times over 11 years, my last time was from Le Puy in 2019 when I was 73. Unfortunately, I am hanging up my boots due to health issues at the age of 75/76.. I especially remember a pilgrim I met from Argentina...
  15. biarritzdon

    Meseta: Etapas? Nice private rooms?

    I walked the Roman road several years ago. It is straight, it is flat, it is cobbles and it is boring. I spent the night Calzada de los Hermanillos at Casa El Cuna. The food was good and I think there were private rooms but I slept in one with two other pilgrims. We got up early in the morning...