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  1. bjorgts

    COVID Wave of pilgrims when lock down is over?

    It is much easier to make a list of the Caminos where there are many pilgrims, than to mention those where there are few pilgrims. The most commonly used are probably the ones mentioned earlier: Francés, Portuguese, (Via de la Plata? (in spring)), Primitivo, Inglés, Norte. If you look at...
  2. bjorgts

    We are many people around the world thinking of Spain now!

    We are many who have become very fond of Spain and the Spaniards through many years on Cominos to Santiago. It is very sad to hear the terrible numbers from Spain and see pictures and hear reports from this beloved country just now. This past week I have had Spain in my mind every day. What am...
  3. bjorgts

    COVID Wave of pilgrims when lock down is over?

    Perhaps it is important now that we remember this: Very many Caminos in Spain have never been overcrowded. There is plenty of space! Most of these Caminos won't be overcrowded for many years either - I guess. I haven't been to a Camino with a lot of people for the last ten years. For those of us...
  4. bjorgts

    COVID Wave of pilgrims when lock down is over?

    This is interesting! JanskeMarie says September, but maybe not until next year. I think next year. What is "when it's safe"? What is the time perspective of you who are writing here now? Do you think you will walk in 2020? Spring? Summer? Autumn? Are you willing to travel as soon as the travel...
  5. bjorgts

    El Brusco - That hill between Berria and Noja

    Giving advice to others about what's too steep for them is almost impossible. We experience this very differently. I think it depends a lot on what kind of terrain you are otherwise used to walk in. I remember this stretch well! I remember that it was steep, but that's not why I remember it. I...
  6. bjorgts

    COVID Cancellation Blues sympathy thread

    Through a long winter in Norway I am always looking forward to our Camino in spring. This year it should have been Ruta del Ebro in April. It's not going to be. But we can came back later, I hope. Sad for those who can't. I have understood for a while that there will be no Camino this spring...
  7. bjorgts

    Via Regia/ Der Ökumenische Pilgerweg - I'm starting a new thread

    Thank you! We started on 12. September.
  8. bjorgts

    Via Regia/ Der Ökumenische Pilgerweg - I'm starting a new thread

    Oh yes! Inviting towns and lovely sceneries! As far as I know, this is the only Camino in Germany where you can stay in albergue-like accomodation all the way through. That is great! It´s mostly not albergues as we know them from Spain, but all sorts of smaller places, rooms in houses...
  9. bjorgts

    Via Regia/ Der Ökumenische Pilgerweg - I'm starting a new thread

    The last update to the guide from the friends of the route (dated 11.2.2020) says something like this translated into English: The Herberge "Glashof" in Riesa can no longer accommodate pilgrims. In Riesa Gröba (directly on the variant to Strehla) a beautiful Herberge in the "Old Church School"...
  10. bjorgts

    Via Regia/ Der Ökumenische Pilgerweg - I'm starting a new thread

    I have read everything written here on the forum about Via Regia/Der Ökumenische Pilgerweg . A lot has been written, and one has to scroll far down to find the latest posts. That's why I'm starting a new thread now. Hope it's ok. Here is the address of the thread that is further down...
  11. bjorgts

    Information on the Portuguese route from Zamora to Verin

    1: I am not sure. As I said, I had not heard the name Zamorano Portugues, and I have walked this camino. But I am not sure if that is important. 2: Sub- forum under Via de la Plata! This camino starts and ends in Spain, with Via de la Plata/Sanabres before and after. Zamora also is the place...
  12. bjorgts

    Information on the Portuguese route from Zamora to Verin

    When we walked this camino, I tried to find the right name, and ended up with Via de la Plata Portugues. I found this name many places on Internet, but also along the route. Camino Zamorano Portugues is a new name for me. Is this the official name? For how long? Why then Via de la Plata...
  13. bjorgts

    Photovideo from Ruta de la Lana, Almansa - Cuenca

    My accommodation places: Through the years we have stayed in literally hundreds of albergues. We still spend the night at some albergues, but often at affordable hostals and hotels. Alpera: Hostal El Casador. The rain was pouring down and it was good to sleep and eat in the same place. There is...
  14. bjorgts

    My photo videos from Levante in one place - here.

    We have walked Levante in parts from Valencia to Zamora, and then proceeded from Zamora to Verin through Portugal on Via de la Plata Portugues. Since we almost drowned in the rain on the first part from Valencia, we have walked that part a second time. We also started from Alicante. I made photo...
  15. bjorgts

    My photovideos from Via de la Plata

    We walked that part in early spring 2019. We started on Camino Sur and had therefore walked from Huelva to Zafra first. We had a few days left and continued on Via de la Plata almost to Caseres. My diary says we started in Huelva on March 24th. We left Zafra on April 2nd.

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