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    Norte vs Primitivo

    I, too, am torn between the two routes. I have walked the Norte (in 2019) and loved it so am really keen to revisit it but am also drawn to the Primitivo. One question is abut accommodation. How does the Primitivo compare in that sense?
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    Which Camino for my 80th year?

    Thank you all, this is so heartening. I walked my first Camino in 2019 (el Norte) and was set to return on a new route last year before the pandemic hit. O'm still not sure this year will be possible amid travel restrictions and was beginning to think the years were slipping by as I'm 69 this...
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    Do you have tips for meeting people on the Camino?

    Hello, I walked the Norte route alone in late August/September 2019. (Had planned a second journey for last year but life is what happens while you're busy making plans). I spoke to lots of people and made some real friends with who I'm still in contact. Like most things on the Camino it just...
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    Plea for patronising the albergues between the Gronze stages

    A year ago today I was half way through my Notre pilgrimage - my first - from Castro Urdiales so still had Navia ahead of me. I so agree with Pierre about the Alberque San Roque and the shining star that is Aurelio. For those of us there on September 11 2019 he described the stages ahead and...
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    Hiking Community

    I walked the Norte in September last year and loved every step of the way. There were times of solitude but many shared moments with friends I made along the route. Still in touch with some of them. I am sure you will have a wonderful experience
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    Camino Quotes

    Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it. I was a solo walker on the Del Norte in September 2019. Being alone was wonderful not least because it created so many opportunities to meet people, share conversations and make some lasting friends. Buen Camino and let's hope our way...
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    level of difficulty of Primitivo vs Ingles Camino routes

    Having walked the Norte last year I am hoping/planning to do either the Primitivo or Portuguese later this year. Any views on the one versus the other in terms of 'challenge' or availability of accommodation would be very welcome.
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    camino del norte

    I walked the Norte from Castro Urdiales to Santaigo in September so shared that beautiful weather. I am now planning my 2020 pilgrimage which may be from Lisbon or walking the Primitivo. (Comments and suggestions welcome). In the meantime before 2020 gets any older I wanted to wish a splendid...
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    What's going on? Camino del Norte hard?

    Each pilgrim's Camino is unique but I have to say I found the Norte profoundly spiritual. Paradoxically I believe this is due in part to the long stretches of solitary walking (I was on my own and not in a group) and in part to the wonderful people I met along the way - fellow pilgrims, local...
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    Completed Camino del Norte (my first) in September 2019. I'll be back

    Completed Camino del Norte (my first) in September 2019. I'll be back
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    What's going on? Camino del Norte hard?

    I loved every step of my Norte. I walked from Castro Urdiales to Santiago, arriving September 21st. It's anything but brutal. The coastal stretches in Cantabria and Asturias are beautiful. The only 'shock' was the sheer number of pilgrims leaving Arzua early in the morning after the Norte joined...
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    Completed Camino del Norte (my first) in September 2019. I'll be back

    Completed Camino del Norte (my first) in September 2019. I'll be back
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    Best place to stay in Santiago De Compostela

    The Routes and Boots Alberque was excellent when I complete my Camino last month. If you want something more up market but less pricey than the Parador I can't speak highly enough of the Hotel Costa Vella. Clean, comfortable, great views, close to the centre and with lovely friendly staff...