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Camino Masks
12 different designs, shipped world wide from Santiago.
Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendant that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.

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  1. Bob Howard

    Podiatrist needed, currently in Rabanal

    Just now came across this comment in 2019 from Camino Medic and Veteran Member David about Compeed: Part of his explanation and advice about Compeed included: "and never use one ever again", which caused me to chuckle, and heartily agree. (And not to start a new argument, but I believe a similar...
  2. Bob Howard

    Getting Small

    Now we're talkin'!
  3. Bob Howard

    Getting Small

    Funny, Davebugg, danglements have always been something I have worked to avoid. That everything fits inside and is accessible is mandatory for me as well. For me I think it goes back to the wilderness ethic of leaving no trace and everything in its place, although you will recall, as will...
  4. Bob Howard

    Getting Small

    This post is aimed at some of you gear hounds, like davebugg. I was curious about the new Osprey Pro 30L, and ordered it. It terms of utility as well as design and aesthetics, it is an impressive pack. In 2016 I carried a Gregory 40L and in 2018 a Gregory 36L, both fine packs. After packing the...
  5. Bob Howard

    Digital Brierley Guide?

    I nosed around on the forums but didn't see the answer to this. Have there been any rumors or talk about the a digital Brierly Frances guide being available or in the works?
  6. Bob Howard

    COVID Wearing a mask on the CF

    There is no exemption to avoid wearing a mask. And there shouldn't be.
  7. Bob Howard

    Vicente Fernandez

    One of the most revered mariachi songs and here sung by the one of the greatest. Never imagined seeing a post about Vicente Fernandez--El rey de los cantantes de Mariachi-- on this forum. Thanks.
  8. Bob Howard

    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    12 lbs and not really scrimping. Excellent.
  9. Bob Howard

    Preventing Black Toe ?

    In 2016 I took an informal survey, asking almost everyone I met how they liked their shoes. The overwhelming first choice was Salomon. Yes, Salomon does have one model that is wide--2E. If there were a 4E Salomon I would get it. Maybe there is someone on this forum that can answer this. Why is...
  10. Bob Howard

    Preventing Black Toe ?

    Yes, the foot needs room. And an expanding foot needs more room. Dead on davebugg.
  11. Bob Howard

    Who Bought Lone Peak 4.0? (Currently discussing 4.5!)

    While you're looking at the new Lone Peak, give the new Time (1.5) a try. It's basically the Lone Peak with more cushioning, and an even roomier toe box.
  12. Bob Howard

    10 km or less a day, possible?

    Whoa! That is a great summary of how to enjoy it, irrespective of pace.
  13. Bob Howard

    No Blisters over 560 Km (or any other foot issues)!

    That made me laugh out loud. Good one,
  14. Bob Howard

    If You have Walked the Camino - Do you prefer boots or trail runners?

    My Bootasauras comment was just an attempt (feeble as it was) at humor. But footwear on the Camino is an important topic, especially for people who are new to long distance walking. This discussion board forum is not only enjoyable reading for Camino veterans—keeps us connected to the Camino...
  15. Bob Howard

    If You have Walked the Camino - Do you prefer boots or trail runners?

    Surprisingly strong votes for boots. And here I was thinking Bootasaurases were extinct.