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  1. Bob91

    How important is a rock plate for CF?

    I wore Cascadia trail runners sold by Brooks last fall. They worked well except when walking on cobblestones. Ugh, I was painfully aware of each and every cobblestone I stepped on. On my next camino, I hope to find a lightweight shoe that fits well and has a sturdier rock plate. Everyone has...
  2. Bob91

    Why should I NOT start from SJPdP in mid to late July?

    When does the school year generally start and these groups disappear?
  3. Bob91

    Comparing traffic 2021 to 2022

    Might this suggest that for those of us who wish to avoid both large crowds and cold weather, that departing SJPP in mid-August could be a good strategy?
  4. Bob91

    LIVE from the Camino Casa Felisa

    I clearly remember getting that stamp. I am happy to learn the tradition continues! I hope someone can soon shed light on the new person wielding the stamp. The Camino exists at the intersection of tradition and people. Stories such as this add richness to the tapestry of the Camino. Buen Camino.
  5. Bob91

    For coffee addicts that like to walk early

    Last fall, a member of our Camino family carried such a backpacking stove. On the few occasions we lacked a kitchen or breakfast source, she heated water for us. I ALWAYS carried packets of instant coffee and my own cup. I can't put into words how important coffee is to me in the morning. On...
  6. Bob91

    Will I need a Head Torch?

    I carried a small headlight that offers both red and white variable intensity lights, is waterproof, and weighs slightly less than 2 ounces. I slept with it around my neck so I would have it if needed during the night. Sometimes the bathroom facilities are located in a separate building. Also, I...
  7. Bob91

    Poll Do you listen to anything while walking?

    I brought earphones (the cheap ones from Apple with the wire) but never used them. I preferred to walk with my thoughts. However, it never bothered me to see someone walking with earphones or earpods or whatever. It's their Camino, too. While walking alone I had some great conversations with...
  8. Bob91

    The Camino Isn’t A Pilgrimage Anymore

    This thread brought back memories. I walked my Camino last Fall for multiple reasons: secular, societal, personal, selfish, cultural, and religious/spiritual. I didn't care whether someone walked more or less than me, whether their pack weighed less, whether someone transported their bag, or why...
  9. Bob91

    Crisis of confidence

    Legless: I totally understand and feel for you. I had been talking about the Camino for over a year, when my wife suddenly gave her blessing last September. I could go but had to go soon. I rushed to gather my gear and spoke with a travel agent who we have used for international travel in the...
  10. Bob91

    Cruz de Ferro Question

    Oops, I type too slowly. Thank you Kathar1na for clearing that up! Bob91
  11. Bob91

    Cruz de Ferro Question

    What? When did this occur? It was present when I passed it on 12 Nov. Is there more than one cross? Is the museum cross an older, historical cross? I look forward to learning more about this? Some amazing sleuths participate on the forum. Bob91
  12. Bob91

    Wine fountain and more

    I, too, enjoyed the wine fountain. I checked my photos and see I was there around 9:30 am on Oct 26 last year. Might I have rubbed elbows with either of you two? The wine fountain is one of the many wonderful sights along the Camino. Kudos to the winery for continuing the fountain despite the...
  13. Bob91

    Arriving in St. Jean before April 1.

    I second the recommendation. I stayed there for two nights this past October before starting out on my camino. I had a great stay. The vegetarian dinners by Flor were great. Bob91
  14. Bob91

    Let's talk waist packs!

    When preparing my gear for the Camino Francés, I took heed of suggestions on the forum regarding a waist pack. I completed my pilgrimage late last month, having walked from St Jean Pied de Port to Finisterre. I was extremely happy that I had my waist pack. It contained my credencials, passport...
  15. Bob91

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD New requirements for US travel to Spain — effective Sept. 6, 2021

    I flew to Paris on October 17. I was asked to show my French QR code before I boarded my connecting flight to Biarritz. If I remember correctly, I was asked to show it again at the auberge in St Jean Pied de Port, where I started my camino on October 20. Up to now in Spain, no one has asked to...