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Luggage Transfer Correos

Recent content by BoH

  1. BoH

    Teva originals

    Teva sandals don't protect yr toes! Small stones do also easily enter under yr foot, and will cause problems. I suggest a test of KEEN's models. They are trustable and do protect yr toes!!
  2. BoH

    That silly 10% rule

    The rest of their package (rice cooker etc) is perhaps forwarded to next albuerge by taxi ....?
  3. BoH

    Walking poles and Qatar Airlines

    .... and also bread!
  4. BoH

    Walking poles and Qatar Airlines

    Folded knives are not peremitted, whatever. But others with a blade up to 60 mm are ok. Enough for cheese, tomatoes and als
  5. BoH

    What Is The Most Useful & Usless Item You Packed

    A folded knife is not ok. And the blade must not be more than 60 mm.
  6. BoH

    What Is The Most Useful & Usless Item You Packed

    Why do you think fishes in the sea needed the medical better than yourself??
  7. BoH

    Toe nails

    No open-toe sandals! "Keen" have the best models. Otherwise stones very easily will come inside. And yr toes are not protected! Another thing is that u ought to have 10 mm free in front of yr toes. Otherwise u will have problems when the slope goes down, and yr feet will force forward in the shoe.
  8. BoH

    Another shoes related question

    Keen sandals are ideal! Reva not because they are open in the front. Yr toes should be protected and fewer stones will come inside .... So always choose Keen! Good to have in the albuerge, evenings and as a reserve on the trail.
  9. BoH

    First time walkers, poles?

    The difficulty is to get the poles attached to the hand-luggage. A bit more than 55 cm length, they can be tightened diagonal to the rucksac. At the check-in there is a testbox, and such a one can easily be made by cardboard with legal measures at home. Otherwise, buy a wooden one at arrival...
  10. BoH

    Backpack in airline holds

    Maximal height for the rucksack as handluggage in Europe is 55 cm. I always fold my poles together and place them diagonal. Never a folding-knife! and The blade must not be more than 60 mm. Knifes made of plastic can divide sausages and cheese, and are also ok.
  11. BoH


    Most easy so, 5 o'clock in the morning!
  12. BoH

    01/02/18 ***Airfare Alert***

    A good alternative to OPO is Vigo (VGO), just beneath .... Good prices around 550 CAD. Always try "momondo.se" as yr search engine! / Bo
  13. BoH

    How to organize a backpack:

    Nice idea with packinglist in pictures. But .... Folding-knife is not accepted in hand-luggage. And blade should be max 60 mm. Poncho - too windy and not good for legs. Jacket + trousers + backcoverage is better! 1,5 ltr bottle - more easy to handle 3 x 0,5 dl Walking socks in double layer...
  14. BoH

    Bed bug advice along Camino Primitivo and Norte

    You could use silk linen, or just a few drops of Lavendel oil ....
  15. BoH

    Take my running shorts?

    Sorry, but I have always thought that the Camino was a slow attraction? Like Yoga ....

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