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    Looking for someone to walk alongside.

    I’ll be very curious to learn if you find someone. I want to walk mid-August and none of my friends are interested. I really don’t want to walk alone.
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    Casa Magica - new management

    One of my favorite places in 2015. It just appeared “magically” when I thought I couldn’t go any further.
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    Municipal closed in zubiri and larrasoana

    That’s what happens when you walk fast 😇
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    Municipal closed in zubiri and larrasoana

    When I did my Camino in 2015, the municipal was full and they directed me down the street. I was disappointed, but it was one of my best places. I had a room with about 12 other females and we had two showers in the room. At breakfast everyone introduced themselves and I had a great time -...
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    What to do if we have to change plans and don't walk?

    I just looked it up. What a wonderful organization.
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    Giving away my brand new Salomons

    Laurie, they are my size and I have a Florida P.O. Box. I’m interested, if you don’t have any serious takers. Bonnie
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    Help from German Pilgrims

    I loved this video and the wonderful walking in Germany. Thanks for sharing.
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    Albergues versus hostels etc

    Three year’s ago when I was walking alone, I usually stayed in private albergues, The rooms were smaller. I’d ask the person in charge if he/she would try to put women in first, but if they had no choice, it was ok. I think it worked every time. At first they acted like they thought I was crazy...
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    Training at The Prado

    Now I’m ready to return and spend a week in Madrid. Good feedback, too.
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    LIVE from the Camino New road

    How wonderful. Congratulations!
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    Bringing CBD Oil to Europe in Luggage

    I brought mine from the US to Panama. For me it didn’t do anything and I wasted money. You can get it all over Spain. I just bought the cream. Another waste of time.
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    Nationalities on the Camino

    I always answered “from Panama”, only because I have lived there for the past 10 years. It’s also a fun answer, too. Good conversation starter.
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    Camino coffee

    This title brought a smile to my face. My husband and I plan on moving to Spain in the next year. I read several blogs from xpats living there. Yesterday I read one that asked what the xpats (I think mostly Brits and Americans) missed the most. What came up most often was good coffee. I had...
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    Lost Lost Purse - Redondela to Pontevedra

    Kirkie, you don’t have to bribe St. Anthony (but it looks like it worked), you can just say a prayer to him. It goes like this: St. Anthony, Please come around, Something is lost and needs to be found. It works every time for me. I’ve used it so many times.
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    Live - Camino Francés John Elsewhere.

    I enjoyed both your blog and your pictures. But I have to say, lentil soup became my favorite meal for the whole Camino.

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