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    Free guidebooks +

    Thanks, Trecile. So easy.
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    Free guidebooks +

    This is terrible but I don’t know how to private message. I’m interested in the Portuguese guide, if you haven’t already promised it. Thanks. You can pm me, if it’s possible.
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    Slippery When Wet? Trail runners on Portuguese tiled walkways

    I feel the same about my Altra Superior 4. I love the feel (first pair of shoes wide enough), but I almost slid across the marble floor. They’re great for walking around town and the treadmill.
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    RONCESVALLES first floor accommodation

    I stayed there in 2015. I always referred to it as the dungeon, because that’s what it felt like. A great way to start because it got better every day 😇
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    Camino Fances - walking Pic D'Orisson - taking a cab back nd starting next morning

    I couldn’t get a bed in Orisson, so I did basically that. I walked to Orisson, with no backpack, had lunch, and rode with an Orisson employee back to St. Jean. Next morning, one of the workers picked me up (I was on the road, waiting), had breakfast on the patio and finished my walk. I could...
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    shoes!! important

    Ah, if only I had a store to go to. I use Amazon.
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    Municipal closed in zubiri and larrasoana

    Sorry, I didn’t see this until today. It was right over the bridge, the first right turn. Almost immediately. Pretty nondescript. 12 females in one room with two, full bathrooms. Other rooms had both male and female. No idea what they looked like. Dinner was great. I hope this isn’t too late...
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    September/April for Pyrenees

    I walked it the last week of September. Going over the mountains was beautiful. The sun was out and I was in heaven. I was in short sleeves the whole day. A few days later I saw a friend’s posting on Facebook. He was five days ahead of me and he had torrential rains. I didn’t even know he...
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    Thoughts from Somewhere along the Way

    That was beautiful. Thank you.
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    Monastery of San Xulián de Samos

    I also loved the walk in and out of Samos. The Monastery was worth it to me.
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    Looking for someone to walk alongside.

    I’ll be very curious to learn if you find someone. I want to walk mid-August and none of my friends are interested. I really don’t want to walk alone.
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    Casa Magica - new management

    One of my favorite places in 2015. It just appeared “magically” when I thought I couldn’t go any further.
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    Municipal closed in zubiri and larrasoana

    That’s what happens when you walk fast 😇
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    Municipal closed in zubiri and larrasoana

    When I did my Camino in 2015, the municipal was full and they directed me down the street. I was disappointed, but it was one of my best places. I had a room with about 12 other females and we had two showers in the room. At breakfast everyone introduced themselves and I had a great time -...
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    What to do if we have to change plans and don't walk?

    I just looked it up. What a wonderful organization.

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