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  1. BonitaHolland

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    A very large folding hat with wire edge as it allowed me to walk in 37' sunshine
  2. BonitaHolland

    What really is the pilgrim experience?

    There is no 'the pilgrim experience' I'm focussing on 'the' as a definitive article .... each person enjoys their experiences in their own way. I'm accepting of the expensive no scuff tribe who are equally acceptable as the woven flax body blanket folks. What's the issue here? It's about...
  3. BonitaHolland

    "Feet Growing" while on Camino (??)

    Even walking steps every day I would guess you didn't do this with a rucksack on your back?
  4. BonitaHolland


    I love this approach,
  5. BonitaHolland

    plantar fasciitis

    I got this condition last year during my first Camino..... I carried on for a further 3 weeks and since halting in Leon finally and returning home it's taken 6 months to recover. Don't do severe damage to your feet it's not worth it. I'm back this summer to pick up where I left off but I'm...
  6. BonitaHolland

    Having Second Thoughts

    As you flip the coin notice which side you're secretly hoping it will land on.....
  7. BonitaHolland

    Craziest thing you've seen someone bring on Camino

    I met a man carrying a baby's dummy tied to a walking stick..... he was picking up any feathers he found along the path as he was looking for the right feather that he'd lost as he wanted to take it back for his girlfriend.....he'd been on the Camino for months. I often think of him he was...
  8. BonitaHolland

    "Feet Growing" while on Camino (??)

    My feet grew from a UK 5.5 to a 7 and so my boots no longer fitted. I wasn't expecting this at all as these were old well worn in boots I'd had for years, boots I trusted. However never before had I walked pretty much everyday for 5 weeks straight... with a few days off along the way. My feet...
  9. BonitaHolland

    Coming back to complete or start again?

    In September all the locals were saying that it'd been relatively empty in July/August....
  10. BonitaHolland

    Coming back to complete or start again?

    I've decided to pick up the Camino trail from Leon in July this year, thanks everyone for your kind words. See you on the trail
  11. BonitaHolland

    Coming back to complete or start again?

    Yes I've replaced my footwear with trail shoes and ditched my boots (which had served me well for many years of doing one day walks or up and down volcanoes over a 24 hour period, but I'd never walked week after week in a straight line before)
  12. BonitaHolland

    Boots or trail shoes or trainers? Not sure what to take please advise.

    I'd advise Boots but only if you get 1.5 sizes bigger than usual as feet will swell and stay swollen.... trail shoes are great but only if dry weather.... sandals are great but rocks will stub your toes. For my next Camino (July) I'm going with trail shoes plus sandals and leaving my boots at home.
  13. BonitaHolland

    Cows on the Camino?

    Strong minded pilgrim by BonitaHolland posted Sep 26, 2016 at 9:52 AM It's more likely they'll cross your path and might need poking out of the way- they don't mind especially if you make farmer noises
  14. BonitaHolland

    CF surprises?

    I was surprised that my feet swelled and stayed that way.... my tried and tested Boots became tight and uncomfortable after weeks of walking. I now know that I needed boots at least a size bigger if not more. My next walk will involve my 'I'm going for a very long walk' boots rather than the...
  15. BonitaHolland

    Coming back to complete or start again?

    Hi everyone, last year I walked carrying a back pack staying in hostels from SJDPP to Leon and then had to stop and go home due to Plantar Facilitis which was incredibly painful and frustrating. It's taken until now (4 months later) to be able to walk for more than an hour without pain. I'm...

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