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    A note on reserving beds and the spirit of the Camino

    Where is your albergue? I’d love to stay one day…
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    A note on reserving beds and the spirit of the Camino

    Wow we all have something to say about this. I just walked 10 days, for my first Camino of what i hope will be many, on the CF. I had somewhat reluctantly reserved a month in advance as i was come from the US and wanted to make sure places were open. I found that having done all the planning in...
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    Cash or cards?

    I just spent 10 days on the frances and found cards accepted everywhere i wanted to pay with a card- in other words, I didn’t try to pay for breakfast with a card, but bigger meals and overnight stays all accepted my chipped card
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    Cooking on the Frances currently?

    I had communal meals last week in Uterga and at wonderful Maralotx in Ciraqui
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    Arriving Madrid Airport Sept 2021. Queue delays??

    I flew in from the US on July 28 and it all went quickly . Should be even faster for Europeans, you might think.
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    Heatwave warning

    Actually there’s no fuente in monjardin, the friend who filled up there got water from a bar
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    Heatwave warning

    I walked from Estella to Los Arcos today. Didn’t start until 645- too late. The last bit was brutal and i ran out of water. The Guardia Civile, special pilgrim police, turned up with a bottle of water on the outskirts of los arcos. I almost cried!from gratitude. The thing is im an experienced...
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    COVID Covid testing at Madrid airport

    Thank you for this info. How much did they charge? Were you doing this for re entry into the US?
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    Active thief on the Camino Frances, July 2021

    It seems to me you are convicting a "young black man" who is "very easy to recognize" (based on his blackness and youth alone, I gather?) of thievery, without benefit of trial, based only on his appearance. Do you have confirmed evidence of his guilt? As you give no identifying information...
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    Women's Gregory Jade 28 pack -what do you think?

    Great! I ended up choosing the Gregory Jade in a slightly larger size because it hit my hips at a better place, and I thought the extra room would be useful. I've been training with it and its going really well. I never thought I could carry a pack, but a good pack is much easier to carry...
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    Peregrinas, did you use your urination device on your camino?

    Ive never wet myself with my tinkle bell, not even close, and you use it to wipe too, so NO paper. Yes and while practice is a good idea it isnt always required. My tinkerbell has been very helpful.
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    Peregrinas, did you use your urination device on your camino?

    I don't need to pull much down while using mine. My bum is not exposed. I can turn my back and not worry about being seen with my pants down. That's great.
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    Peregrinas, did you use your urination device on your camino?

    Annie I love your blog so I know you hate toilet tissue. You don't need paper with one of these! I've found my tinkerbell easy to use with a little practice.

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