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Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendent that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.

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  1. BruceNZ

    COVID It Aint Over Till the Fat Lady Sings - no offense intended just an expression

    As a flightless Kiwi we are fortunate that our 'go early,go hard' response and buy-in from most people has meant we operate almost normally in a domestic economy. Essentially people put the Nations interest before their own interests. And what gives me some hope is that nobody in this forum...
  2. BruceNZ

    Should I try to find you?

    It's an oldee but may have relevance here...perhaps we meet for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It is what it is and the good memories still simmer and give me warmth years later.
  3. BruceNZ

    Short Stages (most under 20 km) on the Mozárabe

    Hi all.. this is almost identical to what we did Granada to Merida in 2018. We tend to use pre- booked accom (for a touch of luxury vs albergues) and I have it all on a excel spreadsheet if anyone would like at any time. . We usually walk 3-5days then take a days rest in the more 'interesting'...
  4. BruceNZ

    COVID When would you consider going back to the camino?

    I think that for many of us coming from outside Europe, international travel will be dictated by the insurance companies and their willingness to cover influenza related costs. As per usual most have taken the money and then backed out when it comes to covering costs incurred due to this...
  5. BruceNZ

    Solo walk journal

    Too funny.. would be useful for our lockdown urban caminos here. Doing a short walk with pack n whatsapp-ing with fellow pilgrims I was to be walking with today for a tea break !
  6. BruceNZ

    Solo walk journal

    Hi... thort I would try teaching myself to sketch in the afternoons enroute iso just taking photos. Then discovered Ian Fennelly sketch paintings and UrbanSletchCourse.com has a course by him. So just started that (USD249 can be paid in installments). Tried to get some Kiwi Pilgrims on Camino...
  7. BruceNZ

    Solo walk journal

    Another Kiwi supposed to be starting camino de Lana tomorrow.. sitting at home doing Urban Sketchers course to hone skills for next year. Best wishes to the people of Spain who are obviously doing it much tougher than us here.
  8. BruceNZ

    A reminder of the Portugués

    Belated thanks... yet to try it but looks great !
  9. BruceNZ

    A reminder of the Portugués

    U cant say that without putting up the recipe lol ! Got lots of lockdown time to try it !
  10. BruceNZ

    Help! Is May too hot?

    We walked Granada to Merida in May 2 years ago and struck perfect walking weather. Low 20's most days and only one day of drizzle. Hoping for similar when we do the de la Lana April/May this year tho suspect may be cooler to start. Buen Camino
  11. BruceNZ

    Who's walking La Lana in April

    Hola Marilyn, We are three Kiwis starting from Alicante on 22 April (actually Elda as we will train out to there first day) heading to Burgos. We have pre-booked most of our accommodation - AirBnb, Casa Rurals etc as well as using Albergues. Plus we tend to walk 3-5 days then take a day off to...
  12. BruceNZ

    Live from Portuges - Donativo seems to mean free for most

    Yes perhaps in this day and age the albergues need to change their signs " We rely on donativo to offer the facilities you have enjoyed. We thank you for your support". As Derrybiketours says - some people 'just don't get it' these days.
  13. BruceNZ

    Missing out

    Hi Bart - my Portuguese one was similar - only a few nights shared meals - but I put it down to quite a lot of 'younger' walkers and small groups who stuck to themselves. Last year I went with friends one of whom was a non stop talker. Frequent toilet breaks or boot adjustments required to get...
  14. BruceNZ

    Doors on the Camino Frances

    I took photos of Chimney pots instead on the Camino Mozarabe… oh and a photo bomb by my friend who came with me (all the way from Granada to Merida.. to Bilbao by car and Avignon by bus - over 35 days !!) lol
  15. BruceNZ


    Hi... have had a few back problems on and off. One thing worth remembering (frm a muscularskeletal wizard here) is always breathe out (consciously ) whenever bending - bending down breathe out, coming back up breathe out. So may people do the opposite i.e take a breath n bend. The breathing...