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    Night walking on Meseta any suggestions for Gareth on Camino at moment

    Hi. Just adding to the recommendation of the lovely quiet house Casa de Silencio in Castrojeriz. And indeed, it is not always open, as I found. I think that the bicycle placed outside is the indicator that it is open. It also has an intriguing back courtyard/garden with a bookshelf and small...
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    Film: Croire (Believe)

    Thanks very much. A thoughtful film, for sure.
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    A New Beginning at Finisterre

    Thanks for this. I just read something on the Camino Newsletter, by Geraldine, about the attractions of Finisterre. Included was the burning of clothes etc. Last year when I was there I saw a sign that prohibits this. But Geraldine's other suggestions give me serious pause - i.e. throwing one's...
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    List of Albergues, Le Puy to St. Jean PP

    Thank you so much for your great help. (Sorry if this message is a duplicate). B
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    List of Albergues, Le Puy to St. Jean PP

    Thank you so much ! Wonderful help. B
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    List of Albergues, Le Puy to St. Jean PP

    What a lot of work went into this very helpful information. Thank you so much.
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    It's kit list time :)

    Hi. Your summer camino posting is really helpful and a very thoughtful contribution. Thanks for taking the time. B
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    Practical Tips to take care of about 2 weeks before you leave for the Camino...

    Maybe obvious, but I post-dated (or pre-dated, whatever) rental payments so that they are made automatically at the beginning of the months I will be away. (Also I tried that out beforehand with a selected date to make sure it works. Glitches abound.) B
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    Windows phones and blogging

    Hi again. I found a link that seems pretty simple: Ultimate Wordpress. For Windows. https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/apps/ultimate-wordpress/9nblggh1jxkv I will see how that goes first. My needs are really simple (so are my skills..) Thanks for all the ideas, folks. B
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    Windows phones and blogging

    Thanks very much, Evanlow. I will play around with that. It looks quite promising. B
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    Windows phones and blogging

    Hi. After a fair bit of looking around, I haven't got a clear (or satisfactory) idea of how best to blog with a Windows phone. I don't seem to find apps that I can use for my Windows 8 Nokia Lumina 920 phone . Sorry if this question is obvious - I am a very basic cellphone user but have some...
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    Trial packing

    Bubble wrap interesting idea.



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