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C clearly
Last Activity:
Mar 29, 2017 at 6:32 PM
Jan 28, 2007
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BC, Canada

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C clearly

Veteran Member, Female, from BC, Canada

Donating Member
C clearly was last seen:
Mar 29, 2017 at 6:32 PM
    1. PADD
      hey C Clearly
      Please forgive me I am new to this game and thought I was the first to answer!!

      Could you help me please since you are a veteran?

      I am doing the camino for the first time this year starting 24 July

      It will be hot and crowded that time of year

      Would it be wise to take the coastal route instead of the route inland?

      What are the pros and cons?

      Kind regards
      1. C clearly
        C clearly
        I haven't done the Norte, nor walked the Frances in August, so you'd be better to post a thread for others to chime in! There are some good threads on the Norte.
        Mar 19, 2017
    2. Paddy Brock
      Paddy Brock
      When you arrive home wash all clothes , sleeping bag etc at 65 degree wash and put your pack and other gear into the freezer for 4 days
      1. C clearly
        C clearly
        Yes, that's pretty much what I do.
        Feb 23, 2017
    3. Peregrino44
      Thank you for your thoughtful responses and helpful information. I am starting my second Camino in Bilbao this week and had a question. What do you do upon arriving home from a Camino to ensure your pack and gear has no bed bugs in it? Thank you
      1. C clearly likes this.
      2. C clearly
        C clearly
        Jun 28, 2016
    4. Anjelee56
      Thank you for your specific and clear information....I appreciated your response ! I think I will leave these zippered covers at home, as the bulk is undesirable to carry
      Thanks, Anjelee
      1. C clearly likes this.
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    BC, Canada
    Camino(s) past & future:
    Astorga-SdC (Nov 2012). SJPP-Sahagun (Oct 2014). SJPP-SdC (Oct 2015). Parts of VdlP, and Leon-SdC (Mar 2016). Seville-?? (Mar 2017)


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