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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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  1. C clearly

    Has anyone ever considered a Camino "round trip"?

    Yes, people do it, and I assume it was the norm before modern times. @JabbaPapa has done it and is planning another one - see this thread.
  2. C clearly

    Bucket List - What we must plan to not miss on the Way?

    I hope that you haven't taken our comments as personal criticisms, either! I understand how words and phrases on the internet sometimes don't work exactly as we intended. I was one of the people who cautioned against "bucket list" thinking, and I think that point was a valid one to be made. I...
  3. C clearly

    Sarong as a towel?

    Most of the sarongs I see for sale in Canada are made of rayon. Apparently rayon absorbs water well but doesn't release it (i.e. dry) so quickly. It drapes nicely, so it is good as a sarong, but it may not be as good as a cotton towel.
  4. C clearly

    Planning #3

    Not quite. You could walk north on the VDLP past Salamanca and Zamora to Granja de Moreruela. At that point, you can choose to veer west (with most people) onto the Camino Sanabres to Santiago, or continue northward to join the Camino Frances at Astorga. You can look at the options on this site.
  5. C clearly

    To Take Gear From Home Or Not.

    Rather than just taking your "pack and a few clothing items", I would say take everything except those items that will cause hassle. I don't like to spend time on the Camino looking for things when I could have taken my time to do it more carefully at home.
  6. C clearly

    Our "missing pilgrim" policy

    Yes, that is true. It makes us want to act on our sympathy and fears, just to be doing something. However, nothing we do on this forum will make those missing pilgrims any safer. Whatever caused them to go "missing" happened well before we got involved. All we are doing is reducing anxiety for...
  7. C clearly

    Best prepaid telephone to buy in SJPdP

    Sure, you can use your phone if it is a GSM phone (which google tells me that all T-Mobile i-phones are). We are talking about ways to reduce costs. The questions are what your texts will cost under your current plan, and whether you want to use data when you are away from wifi. Check with...
  8. C clearly

    Bucket List - What we must plan to not miss on the Way?

    I agree with @notion900 that bucket-list thinking doesn't work on the Camino. Maybe the Camino was on someone's bucket list, but once started, that thinking is better left behind. Maybe the most definitive things that you shouldn't miss are "step 1", "step 2", "step 3".... up to over 1...
  9. C clearly

    garbage on the trail!

    This is so silly. Where do they wash their underpants?
  10. C clearly

    Sara Hikes the Mozarbe from Malaga to Córdoba Dec 2018

    I suggest downloading the accommodation guide from the Asociacion in Almeria, which will include the Baena-Cordoba sections. They update it monthly and there is a December version. It was posted on Dec 4 on their Facebook site and is also on their website. On the website it is on the lower...
  11. C clearly

    Sara Hikes the Mozarbe from Malaga to Córdoba Dec 2018

    That was my memory of Malaga (more accurately, the outskirts) in 1971, but I think the city has actually improved in some ways since then.
  12. C clearly

    My draft winter Camino Frances packing list

    I thought I had posted this yesterday but now see it sitting here so I'll post it even though you have got good advice since... As @trecile says, it is your torso length that matters. I am 162 cm and my torso is a bit short, so I need the S/M. However, both sizes should be adjustable to cover...
  13. C clearly

    Euro Vegas in Castilblanco?

    The article referred to a previous Canadian proposal that is not going through. This proposal is an American company, not that it matters.
  14. C clearly

    Can't get a response from Refuge Orisson, what to do?

    Also, there is the alternative of walking to Orisson, getting transport back to SJPP for the night, and then a ride back up to Orisson in the morning.
  15. C clearly

    Our "missing pilgrim" policy

    Yes. I would, from the start. But we still apply the rules. If we ever get to the point of knowing that a person is genuinely lost or at risk, we should step aside and let the authorities handle things. Our role is only to help the family understand how the camino works, and to use our pilgrim...

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