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  1. Calvin & Hobbes

    Monkey Butt. . . Prevention, Care, and Treatment

    Hey davebugg, it's great to see you back!!😁
  2. Calvin & Hobbes

    Home Country "Caminos"

    Joyce, I don't know how far you are interested in traveling to get to a trail. I see your a West Coaster. The KATY (Clinton, MO to near St. Louis, MO 237 miles) has been mentioned already. I've biked some rail trails but not hiked them. If you're not familiar with rail trails, they are very easy...
  3. Calvin & Hobbes


    Hey CarylAnn, I envy you biking the CF. I debated trying that a few years back instead of hiking. I chose hiking at the time. I read the forum daily, but comment rarely. I am a recreational biker, both road an trail, so I thought I might impart some of my "wisdom" based on similar experiences...
  4. Calvin & Hobbes


    I walked the same time as you, but in 2016. Lots of good advice here. I agree with the layering. Even on the cooler days I would start out with a couple of layers and be down to shorts and short sleeves later in the day. I wore a tech shirt and pullover fleece under a windbreaker shell on the...
  5. Calvin & Hobbes

    Gel inserts

    I agree about the size suggestion. I take inserts along when shoe shopping. I use gel under original inserts for additional padding. This usually results in needing to upsize or maybe getting a wider shoe for me.
  6. Calvin & Hobbes

    Senior Discounts (aka, luv your shades of silver!) ;) 2019

    I walked the CF in 2016. I believe the common term for "senior citizen" used by us in the U.S. was "pensioner". There were many discounts available from admissions to transportation. I don't recall a "senior menu" though.
  7. Calvin & Hobbes

    Sock Liners. Yes or No

    I hiked the entire CF using the same arrangement as Dorpie with zero blisters Sept-Oct 2016. A very thin vaseline layer, poly sock liners, and poly or wool socks, although I didn't change socks mid-day. I'd also suggest substantial training and broken in, well-fitted shoes. I avoided waterproof...
  8. Calvin & Hobbes

    And Some Think Allowing Dogs in an Albergue is an Issue

    For some more chuckles, look up "Indian Hills Community Center signs" on Facebook.
  9. Calvin & Hobbes


    I'm not sure if you're looking for comments on the style of sock or the use of liners. I used conventional poly liners along with a very light film of Vaseline and poly or Darn Tough outer socks and had no blisters the entire CF.
  10. Calvin & Hobbes

    And Some Think Allowing Dogs in an Albergue is an Issue

    I love it when a business has a sense of humor!
  11. Calvin & Hobbes

    Men's convertable hiking pants

    I took two pair of convertible pants and they served me well. I hiked the CF in Sept/Oct. There were many days I started with the legs on and removed them later in the day. Plus, you have your two pair of shorts built in.
  12. Calvin & Hobbes

    After Santiago...

    I'd also suggest Portugal. I had 2 weeks following my Camino. I did the same as TMcA. I bused to Porto and spent a few days there. Then I took a high speed train to Lisbon and spent a few days there. I found a cheap flight from Lisbon to the Azores (Portuguese) and spent a few days there before...
  13. Calvin & Hobbes

    Realistic timeframe

    I was a pretty fit 65 yr old when I did it with 37 days walking. I slowed down a couple of days when I hurt my shin. It became pretty grueling at times. Fortunately I linked up with another 65 yr old guy for the last 11 days. We were well matched for pace and daily distance. Also, I had little...
  14. Calvin & Hobbes

    Other Pilgrims in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    I'll be there from 12/1-12/15. I'd like to meet you and others. I did the Frances in 2016 and have had limited connections with friends from the Camino. Buen Camino!
  15. Calvin & Hobbes

    suitable clothing

    I agree with falcon269. Two sets of clothes - all lightweight poly/silk or other non-cotton, breathable fabric. Cotton will absorb and hold moisture. Layer up as needed. I'd make one suggestion - the fleece should be full zipper. Mine was a pullover, which could be too hot when on or too cool...