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  1. Cam1952

    COVID Humor in times of Covid (round 3)

    I prefer to refer to myself as an “Arctic Blonde”.
  2. Cam1952

    Pre-Pilgrim times - photos of when you were young?

    Yup....here I am in 1953. (or so) Fearless in the face of a challenge.... picture on left is more current. IMHO
  3. Cam1952

    Save the Las Herrerias horses.

    Victor and his horses managed to take my sorry butt up to O’Cebreiro in 2017. An absolutely wonderful and memorable time. Happy to give back in a small way. Good luck Victor.
  4. Cam1952

    Sim Card or Phone Plan?

    hi Judy Jane, The companies I have used all include “all Europe” plans..... I have used Vodafone, and Orange. Both worked well. C’.
  5. Cam1952

    Sim Card or Phone Plan?

    Hiya Chip; Yeah, there are a couple of caveats to be sure. You will have a new phone number associated with the SIM card so when messaging your friends and family back home start out with “Hey don’t delete this message....it’s me,” Otherwise people will see a strange phone number and definitely...
  6. Cam1952

    Sim Card or Phone Plan?

    I have just returned from my 3rd Camino and every time I have decided to purchase a SIM card rather than paying the exorbitant amounts to Rogers, Bell, or Telus allowing me to use my phone in France, Spain, and Portugal. For 20 Euros you can get a SIM card with 15 Gig of data, 60 minutes of...
  7. Cam1952

    Leaving Porto May 31

    Good on Ya’. I left Porto this morning (May 31st) and decided to take the Metro to Matosinhos. You probably now know getting to the sea side is relatively simple.... but the first yellow arrow is a big relief nonetheless. I was quiet surprised I found the scenery a bit boring. The lack of shade...
  8. Cam1952

    Some things a little over the top.

    I have walked the CF twice, and both times have carried a ukulele. I have never felt the need to provide a performance, or compel others to join in with me. This instrument is a creative, meditative element to my Camino experience. I always try to respect fellow pilgrims and do not impose. Of...
  9. Cam1952

    It appears to be happening again.

    Just a thought on the limited time available for your Camino. If you were to walk backwards from Santiago, facing Santiago and moving east you will know where you could have started at the end of your time on The Way. I don't think it is necessary to wear your clothes backwards, or wear your...
  10. Cam1952

    Flights booked. Walking my 3rd starting in Porto, Portugal on June 1st, 2019.......

    Flights booked. Walking my 3rd starting in Porto, Portugal on June 1st, 2019.......
  11. Cam1952

    The truth about Camino fashion

    After walking the CF twice and never having a single blister; my secret....wear Merino wool socks and change them once every 3 or so hours when walking. You will likely carry at least 4 or 5 pairs of socks....but this formula has served me well. To be fair, I haven’t tried to walk without...
  12. Cam1952

    Dilemma about when to start-19th or 26th September?

    I have walked the CF twice, both times starting in the third week of September. In both cases I was walking in sweltering heat, and on other days I was glad I had gloves and a fleece. (I had to buy the fleece the second time around. Last year when I walked I found easy to get a bed with the...
  13. Cam1952

    Roncevalles - end of September - how cold it is?

    I have walked th CF twice starting around Sept. 21st each time. I was freezing in Roncesvalles on the first trip as someone wanted the window open. I subsequently bought an ultralight sleeping bag in Pamplona and have used it ever since. The best part is it weighs nothing and on the coldest...
  14. Cam1952

    Credential Misery

    I have walked the CF twice and will be walking the CP this year....and in all honesty I have received a Certificate for both times walking. The interesting thing for me is the lack of value this piece of paper means to me. I gave my certificates to my parents, and feel I carry “my certificate”...
  15. Cam1952


    I am only able to parrot what others are saying. My stay was in September 2017 and was easily one of the most comfortable private Albergue’s I stayed in. I ask my host for a nicerr glass of wine. My host poured me a glass of wine from his own collection, calling it the #3 in the previous year’s...

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