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  1. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Bike rental shop in Pamplona?

    We did the same as you’re planning... walked SJPDP to Pamplona then picked up a bike for the rest of the way to SdC. We used BikeIberia. You just need to give them details of your accommodation at the start and end. We contacted the Pamplona accommodation to check it was OK with them to take...
  2. Cambridge Pilgrim

    The Meseta

    When cycling there’s a road route you can take to Fromista to circumnavigate the hill - which is what we chose to do. It does mean you miss the great views from the descent though.
  3. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Meal Options on the Camino from St.JPP to Roncesvalles

    About 8 hours if you have that coffee... about 15 if you don't. Or is that just me!? ;) There's also a bakery on your way out of SJPdP. We left pretty early last time and they were open.
  4. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Animals we meet on camino

    A ubiquitous stork somewhere just past Ponferrada. Loving this thread!
  5. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Animals we meet on camino

    I love how many of the farm dogs in Galicia have mastered the art of checking that the world is all still at one through just a single open eye whilst laying flat out. Rarely did we see one with as much energy as this fella!
  6. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Possible explanation of why some of us do multiple Caminos or the same Camino multiple times

    I have a very, very clear memory of saying to my other half in 2017 - right we’ve done this now, we don’t need to do it again - having both cycled (2014) and walked the Frances. We go again in July. I can’t explain that.
  7. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Phone around the neck

    Great to read a thread with answers that by and large answered the question the OP asked! Often on here, and elsewhere, someone will ask a question such as... what’s the best app to take on the Camino? And the majority of answers will be... Why do you need an app?... Leave your mobile phone at...
  8. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Rabanal del camino to ponferrada

    Road for us too on this stretch. Good advice to walk against the traffic... with a little bit of crossing over at blind bends. It’s basically a case of choosing the enemy... slippery underfoot or the odd car/coach on the road.
  9. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Cycling camino

    Tolerance. It’s a wonderful thing.
  10. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Cycling camino

    The 'walking' path is eminently sharable by walkers and cyclists so longs as both groups are courteous to each other. It's only selfishness of individuals of both groups that cause problems. If you want to cycle the path... cycle the path, just as it is your right to do so.
  11. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Ascents and descents of the Sanabres route

    Thanks all! Very helpful indeed. You rock!
  12. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Ascents and descents of the Sanabres route

    I’m considering Salamanca to SdC next year. Can anyone who has done the Sanabres route and the Frances comment on the ups and downs in Galicia on Sanabres using Frances as a benchmark? Ups... how do they compare to Pyrenees and climb to O’Cebreiro (La Faba)? Downs... how do they compare to the...
  13. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Osprey Exos 48 good pack for Camino?

    I have never left this to chance and have always walked with a Union Jack pinned to my rucksack! Likely the bad teeth would’ve been a give away though :D
  14. Cambridge Pilgrim

    Danger for pilgrims walking between Roncesvalles & Zubiri

    Is it right that I laughed at that?!? :eek::)
  15. Cambridge Pilgrim

    The alternative route down to Roncesvalles

    Highwaymen, malnutrition, and gangrenous toes notwithstanding, it must’ve been great walking the Camino in earlier times without any risk of being mown down by a juggernaut! I guess we can’t pick and choose what we accept as progress...unfortunately. :)