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  1. Camino@robbie

    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    I will be leaving on Wednesday May 16th. My plan is to update both the blog and Facebook page. If you are interested you can follow along. https://robbcamino.wordpress.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/RobbsWalkAcrossSpain/
  2. Camino@robbie

    Tattoo parlor open on Sunday in Santiago?

    Based on google it doesn’t look good for Sunday’s. What you could do is call a few of them. They could be open by appointment only.
  3. Camino@robbie

    Spanish SIM Card

    If I am starting in SJPDP by way of Paris, where is the best place to get a SIM card? From what I have seen everyone says to get on in Pamplona, but that will be like 4-5 days into my trip. Just curious where everyone is picking them up at if they fly into CDG.
  4. Camino@robbie

    Booking Travel while on the Camino

    I go back and forth on my desire to get a compostella. Right now I don't have plans on going back, but of course that might change. It does seem wrong to go over and not end up in Santiago, but I know a bunch of people have done part one year and headed back to complete the journey.
  5. Camino@robbie

    Booking Travel while on the Camino

    Has anyone every left your travel plans up in the air while walking the Camino Frances? Here is my situation. I have 21 walking days and will be starting in SJPDP on May 18th. I already have a flight to CDG booked and a train booked to SJPDP. I also have a flight booked home on June 9th...
  6. Camino@robbie

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2018?

    This weekend I walked the Heartland Trail from Park Rapids MN to Walker MN. 48km (almost 30 miles). Very beautiful walk through hills and trees. Oh and quite a bit of snow and ice, that was a surprise. It was a great test for my upcoming Camino in May. I trekked 20km the first day and stayed...
  7. Camino@robbie

    CDG Time between Flights

    So my original plan was to fly into CDG and take a train to SJPDP. I only have 21 days total to walk, and after thinking it over I have decided my best approach is most likely to start in Burgos instead of SJPDP and then trying to figure out where to transfer ahead. Seems much easier to just...
  8. Camino@robbie

    travel journal electronic

    Thanks for this idea. I just tried it and it seems to work really well.

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