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    Sarria Blues

    We could only walk a short camino last year due to time constraints and chose the Camino Ingles instead of the Sarria to Santiago stretch. It is an entire camino in itself - 118 km from Ferrol to Santiago, not busy (we did it in August) and just lovely.
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    Canadian Credential

    We walked the Camino Ingles last year and used our Canadian credential that we bought from the Cnd Co of Pilgrims. We will also use one this fall for the Camino Portuguese.
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    Recommendations please

    Thank you so much for sharing!
  4. Camino with Kids

    Recommendations please

    Hi Ray J, We are planning to do a portion of the Camino Portuguese next fall and were deciding whether to start in Porto or Ponte de Lima. Would you be willing to share your legs from Porto to Santiago? We are in our mid 50's and hoping not to do too long of a stretch each day. Thanks
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    Transportation to Ponte de Lima

    Well we completed the camino Ingles last fall and are now looking at part of the camino Portuguese next fall. I need to get to Ponte de Lima and would like to find the most efficient mode of transportation. We will fly into Lisbon then can fly to a smaller airport then bus, or bus (train?) all...
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    New Anglican Centre proposed for Santiago de Compostela

    I'm Anglican/Mennonite so would love a Anglican place of worship in Santiago. We enjoyed attending the mass in the cathedral but did not partake in communion as I have always understood Catholic communion to be for baptized Catholics based on the theological differences in interpretation of the...
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    travelling from santiago de compostela to paris

    In September we flew SdC to Madrid on Air Iberia then Madrid to Paris on Air France. Air Iberia was $40 Cnd and Air France was $130 ish Cdn. Left SdC at 10:30 am and arrived in Paris about 4 with a couple hour layover in Madrid. There was another flight from Madrid with a shorter layover time...
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    20 KM days possible on the Ingles?

    Btw we found the Johnnie Walker guide excellent!
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    20 KM days possible on the Ingles?

    We did the camino Ingles this past August with three of our kids and walked it over 7 days with only two 20+ days. The walking was easy for the most part - a little tough on the hill out of Pontedueme and the hill after Casa Bar Julia, but the rest was easy. We were glad we had short days...
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    Walking with large family

    Well here's our journey in a (large) nutshell. If anyone wants to know about specifics I'd be happy to answer. Flew from Canada to Madrid to A Coruna then bus to Ferrol. Overnight at Hotel Silva. Walked to Naron next day (easy) and stayed at Hotel Kensington. Walked to Cabanas, super hot...
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    Elevation maps

    Thanks linkster!
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    Elevation maps

    I would like to print elevation maps similar to those on but can't seem to just cut and paste the map because of the file format. Perhaps its not meant to be. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to get elevation maps? Thanks Susan
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    Walking with large family

    Well we're back from the Camino Ingles and it was a wonderful experience. We ended up only taking 3 of our children - age 17, 18 and 24 so it made for quite a nice trip. The weather was horribly hot and muggy though - up to 37 C some days, which is extremely hot for a family from western...
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    Terrorist threats in France

    We are also leaving to walk the Camino Ingles with 3 of our kids in a few weeks. Although the terrorist attacks can't help but be in the back of our minds, and we are making sure our other kids staying in Canada have some direction should anything happen, we are excited for the trip and can't...
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    From Santiago to Madrid

    We fly out of Santiago at 10:40 am and arrive in Madrid at noon for $60 Canadian.

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