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  1. Camino Yogini

    Craziest thing you've seen someone bring on Camino

    On my third Camino, I met a youngish (30s?) woman (from California?) in Logroño with a rolling suitcase filled with large tubs of protein powder (or some such health supplements) which she shipped ahead. She also taxied between various towns on several Caminos because she thought she "failed" to...
  2. Camino Yogini

    Albergue Burgos March 22 2016

    If you are thinking of spraying with permethrin, and you are a pet owner, you should know it is highly toxic to cats and fish. http://icatcare.org/permethrin/owner-info http://pmep.cce.cornell.edu/profiles/extoxnet/metiram-propoxur/permethrin-ext.html
  3. Camino Yogini

    Albergues to avoid this winter

    How do you get to the Peaceable Kingdom, Rebekah? When I was in Moratinos back in 2014, I wanted to stay there but couldn't find it. Ended up walking on to Sahagun.
  4. Camino Yogini

    Are Internet cafes obsolete?

    One little tip to add to the e-boarding pass discussion -- for all important travel documents (accommodations, travel confirmations) that you received via email, take screen shots so you have them in your photos. I learned the hard way in a taxi in NYC when I couldn't recall the name or address...
  5. Camino Yogini

    Condolence book for Denise

    Rest in peace, dear peregrina sister. Such a sad outcome. My deepest condolences to Denise's family and friends. Denise's pilgrim family grieves with you.
  6. Camino Yogini

    Police arrest suspect related to Denise's case

    I was hoping Denise would be found alive, even after all this time. So sad for her family and friends. Rest in peace, Denise.
  7. Camino Yogini

    Comment by 'Camino Yogini' in media 'Thoughts on Camino de Santiago - YouTube'

    I loved this video for years. So simple and so true. And so very timely as I delay over packing my things and leaving Santiago.
  8. Camino Yogini

    How do I get to Somport to start Camino Aragones?

    Hola peregrinos, After a great deal of deliberation and vacillating back and forth, I've decided part of my route will be the Camino Aragones beginning in Somport (and depending on how much time I have and if I'm sick of all the hordes, I may switch to Salvador/Primitivo after León). What are...
  9. Camino Yogini

    Lycian Way in Turkey

    Hi all, Thanks very much for your advice, especially to Stratophile for your very detailed information and jirit for your links. We ended up deciding against doing the Lycian Way. It was just a little too much like camping for us -- the need to bring a small camp stove, and iodine tablets, and...
  10. Camino Yogini

    French pilgrim arrested for graffiti on Camino mojones

    At first, I got it mixed up with 'cajones'. Oh, my command (or lack thereof) of the Spanish language will get me in trouble yet!
  11. Camino Yogini

    Lycian Way in Turkey

    Jirit, did you and your wife eventually do the Lycian Way this past spring? One of my peregrina angels and I are thinking of doing it this fall. But several people (who haven't done it) expressed reservations about two women walking alone in a Muslim country, especially in the rural areas. Both...
  12. Camino Yogini

    Help with an Altus Poncho

    One week later and my shipment from Ferrovicmar has arrived in Canada. Unfortunately, this Altus poncho is identical to the one I already have, except that the Altus logo is bigger. And it's a S while my older one is XS, which was big enough. $70+ bucks wasted.
  13. Camino Yogini

    Comment by 'Camino Yogini' in media 'Pulpo'

    Pulpo y padrones -- bueno!
  14. Camino Yogini

    Ooohh! Neat way to organize next day's walking clothes

    Kiwi-family Rachael -- wow, you're good! My pack isn't quite that minimalist. What do you wear when your walking clothes are drying? Could they be packed this way?
  15. Camino Yogini

    Help with an Altus Poncho

    That power tools site is correct. You need to enter "altus atmospheric" in the search box at the top.

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