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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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  1. caminoagogo

    Live - Camino Francés The last 100 km traffic report!

    Hence why I switched to the Sanabrés for the last 100km. I definitely recommend it to those coming up on Sarria.
  2. caminoagogo

    Who is trashing the Camino with the graffiti phrase ‘melted rubber humans ‘

    For me, the first half was that Neurope Camino Revolution stuff and the last half was Melted Rubber Humans. At least the latter made me laugh. Once.
  3. caminoagogo

    Found! Pink Camera Today, 2nd May, at San Juan de Ortega

    Different one. Managed to find the owner of my camera in Burgos today.
  4. caminoagogo

    Found! Pink Camera Today, 2nd May, at San Juan de Ortega

    I have found a pink camera in San Juan today. The language seems to be in German. I will be in Burgos tomorrow so please contact me if it is yours and we can organize to get it back to you.
  5. caminoagogo

    Live - Camino Francés Yet Another Camino Blog & Insta

    Hey guys and gals! I’m currently 7 days into my Camino and would love you to follow my journey on my blog here: http://camino-a-go-go.blogspot.com.es And my Instagram handle is: caminoagogo Cheers, y’all, and Buen Camino:) Oh, and please leave feedback as I’d love to hear it. Cheers!
  6. caminoagogo

    The wait is over, but unfortunately the weight is over.

    I’ll be a couple of days behind you, @andywild. I’ll be the other heavily bearded pilgrim. Hopefully we can cross paths, grab a beer and share grooming tips. See you out there, pilgrim!
  7. caminoagogo

    One night in Leon

    Thanks for the Four Lions tip, @Phil Smith! I’ll be sure to check this place out.
  8. caminoagogo

    One night in Leon

    If you’re a Beatles fan, check out this place: https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g187492-d5904604-Reviews-TAXMAN_BEATLES_BAR-Leon_Province_of_Leon_Castile_and_Leon.html I’ve never been but someone on the forum mentioned it and I’m dying to check it out when I’m there in May.
  9. caminoagogo

    albergues recomendación

    If Beilari is booked out, check out Gite Ultreia. I’ve never stayed there myself but I’ve heard good things about it.
  10. caminoagogo

    weather on the napoleon

    Just had a quick google and came across this: https://stjeanpieddeport-roncevaux.jimdo.com/english/
  11. caminoagogo

    Camino de Santiago “Cafe con leche” Beer!!!!!

    Oh wow! Thanks, @Vacajoe, for posting. I'm mad keen to try this. If any beer nerds are doing the Camino from April 23- May 23, keep an eye out for a guy in a Dave's Brewery Tours t-shirt or hat. That'll be me. I'm a tour guide in Sydney with Dave's and would love to grab a beer with you and...
  12. caminoagogo

    Coffee in the morning

    I would walk about an hour in the morning and then stop for a coffee and a chocolate croissant. It was a little reward that made it taste even better! I'll be doing the same thing again this time around.
  13. caminoagogo

    Trekking poles

    Mixed views on this one. Pack them in the pack rather than outside and be prepared to leave them behind if the airline says no. You can grab new ones when you get there if need be.
  14. caminoagogo

    Train travel from Paris to SJPP

    Hi Sandy, I'm flying into Paris on April 22nd and then catching the train to Bayonne and then, hopefully, using the Express Bouricot shuttle to SJPdP. If you wished to do the same, you can book tickets in advance on this website: https://www.trainline.eu. When you do, select the Departure...
  15. caminoagogo

    Small Size Socks in Sydney Australia ?

    I know that Paddy Pallin distribute Icebreaker socks here in Sydney as I've bought them from there myself. They would be the best bet for the actual Icebreaker brand. If you are in the Sydney CBD I would head to the corner of Kent and Bathurst Sts. There are about six different outdoors shops...

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