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    Advice: Biking vs. Walking?

    Hi Samantha, I cycled the CF from Leon to SdC in 5 days this Sept and was on such a high I am planning another cycling Camino in 2018 or 2019. This time, the Portugese route from Lisbon. Would you say the path is generally good to follow along with the signs, similar to the CF? I used a 27.5"...
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    Advice: Biking vs. Walking?

    Hi there, I can’t help much as I only biked the CF from Leon to SdC in September this year over 5 days. Was a solo female biking with luggage in my panniers on a MTB and stayed at hostels every night. It was absolutely great! Safety is not a problem as it is still pretty crowded but never didn’t...
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    Giving Back - My Blurps on Biking Camino Frances from Leon

    A lot has been said about the tough bits of the Camino Frances. Much appreciated. As a newbie Camino biker (well, I was in Sept 2017), I had 2 - 3 blogs on my mobile daily and most seem to cover the tough bits to O Cebreiro and not much after. Not to say I’m giving a detailed guide but hope...
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    Walking to SdC and back.

    I wish you the very best. Walking there and back. True pilgrim style! Meaning that’s what pilgrims had to do in the Middle Ages with no planes, trains or buses for the return leg. Hear tell that pilgrims of yore purchase their scallop shell from the locals in town when they arrived at SdC and...
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    LIVE from the Camino Biking

    Hi RaRa Not sure if you have completed your Camino. I cycled from Leon to Santiago from 14 to 18 Sept 2017. I can’t do the entire Camino Frances due to lack of leave days. Hired my MTB from cyclingthecamino.com. Costs €250 for 8 days. Mistake - Don’t count 1st non-cycling day as part of...
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    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    Blog is in the form of Instagram. I’ve joined the millennials under the name of theintrepidpilgrim I’m a bicigrino and will focus on info/tips for bicycle pilgrims. Buen Camino!
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    Questionable albergue

    I was there last week on 14/09/17. No problems at all. Hope it gets fixed soon.
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    The 'politics' of bikers passing walkers on the trail

    Finished bike ride from Leon to Santiago on 18/09/17. Didn't have problems with walkers but I had a loud bell, which I used, and greeted them as per what everyone mentioned above. Have to say that cyclists need to be careful on off-road steep, rocky climbs as walkers tend to stop frequently and...
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    Looking for recommendation for a place to stay in Santiago with child

    Hi, I found that prices increase the closer you get to Santiago. I paid €5 at the municipal Albergue in Astorga, €6 at Villafranca del Bierzo and €10 each at Sarria and Arzua. It costs €22 a night at Albergue Linares in Santiago but facilities are good including towel, linen and coffee/tea. I...
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    Looking for recommendation for a place to stay in Santiago with child

    Arrived in Santiago on Mon, 18/09/17, and left on 20/09/16. Plenty of accommodation options and Albergue Linares, where I was, had availability. I was the only 1 in a 6 bed dorm on the 2nd night. The public holiday should be noted but I think the number of pilgrims arriving is declining as the...
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    Bike hire from either Leon or Gijon to Santiago de C

    Just finished cycling the Camino Frances with bike hire from cyclingthecamino.com. Extremely satisfied customer!
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    Bike rental in Sarria

    My bike rental experience with cyclingthecamino.com was very good. Alberto is extremely helpful and the bikes are very very easy to put together. The company will deliver the bikes to your accommodation the night before and return to the office in Santiago. Rental can come with panniers and...
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    Handcycling the Camino

    Hi Nicholas VH, I cycled the Camino Frances from Leon to Santiago from 14 - 18 Sept 2017 on a MTB. There are definitely steep, rocky and technical MTB ascents and descents. On the Camino Frances, the upside is there always is a road option given the volume of traffic the route receives. The...
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    what are you thoughts on this schedule(options)

    Totally agree with Albergue The Way in Arzua. 1 of my best stays. Casa Peltre in Sarria is good and so's Albergue Linares in Santiago.
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    Mass in Santiago

    I arrived in Santiago on Monday (18/09/17), went for evening Mass and the Botafumeiro was in action. From other pilgrims, it was also swung during noon Mass on Monday and Tuesday (19/09/17) as well. The tour guide from a city tour I went today told us that the city or local trade association...