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  1. Canucks

    The CELL PHONE Pilgrims!

    Since I have my phone forwarded and only use wifi, it is really used as a camera when walking. When at a rest stop or not wanting to interact, I have to use the age-old behaviour of a slight scowl or sitting at a slight angle so I can enjoy a view, peace, and quiet without having someone feel...
  2. Canucks

    Camino Snobs

    Judge and be judged......a part of life. As an admission, I found that the normal camino fatigue that set in at the end produced some internally kept thoughts towards the "Sarrians" as we walked the final 100 Kms.....700km in and feeling tired, dirty and wanting to see SdeC. As I passed them...
  3. Canucks

    Anyone walking Porto-Santiago July onwards? Any advice?

    vWhile we haven’t done the Portuguese camino yet (doing it in September), we have done the Frances and Le Puy caminos and have not had a situation whew anyone forced themselves socially on others. If you like solitude, just don’t engage with others......pretty simple.
  4. Canucks

    I probably won’t do this again

    Sometimes one searches for a reason to end something that is difficult and this is the reading I got from the OP. There are options but, if one has mentally checked out of moving on, it would be difficult to keep going. We stay in private rooms so we don’t bother others with our various bodily...
  5. Canucks

    Problems send luggage from Portugal to the Santiago post office!?

    Are there any issues with sending two suitcases (20-22 kg each) from either Porto or Lisbon to Ivar's location? What is the best method and approximate cost, if any of you have done this? We are elsewhere in Europe previous to doing the Portuguese Camino in the fall and do not wish to deal...
  6. Canucks

    Dangerous animals!

    Now that’s I think about it, on the Le Puy route, it was hunting season and there were, occasionally, signs up noting not to go in certain areas. There were a couple of times when the shooting was very near or we saw deer running past us, away from hunters. That was the highest level of concern...
  7. Canucks

    Wanting to avoid all albergues

    It doesn’t matter if some are booked......only if *all* are booked. Also, be aware that the booking companies take a good percentage of the booking as their fee so the accommodation provider will likely only release those rooms to booking.com as they get closer to the dates, instead hoping to...
  8. Canucks

    Wanting to avoid all albergues

    We did the Frances and Le Puy caminos and didn’t share a room once. We had shared bathrooms perhaps four times total. On our first Camino, we wanted to confirm our distances before booking but once we knew that a 27km average was fine, we just emailed ahead or used booking.com. Google Translate...
  9. Canucks

    Ibuprofen considerations

    Voltaren cream is available in Canada without prescription. Ibuprofen has the same mechanism of action as an anti-inflammatory, which is very useful, rather than just taking as a pain reliever. I use ibuprofen and voltaren cream quite a bit and have had no problems and my doctor has suggested...
  10. Canucks

    Maybe its me

    We had such a good time in Lograno. The red wine mixed with cola was prevalent in Pamplona when we were there. All the locals in the tapas bars were drinking it...called a kalimuxto, or something close to that. Like a sangria and, while I agree it is a bit of a heresy to combine red wine with...
  11. Canucks

    Day hiking areas in Southern Portugal

    Thanks, nova and jsalt! The Algarve was definitely an area that jumped out.
  12. Canucks

    Day hiking areas in Southern Portugal

    I realize this is off topic but I know that there are knowledgeable Portugal hikers here. We will do the Portuguese Camino in the future but wanted to know if there is a small city or village that would be super cool to go to at the end of September for a couple of weeks on the ocean with day...
  13. Canucks

    Questions on Le Puy Route

    Yes Yes, but not necessarily at the same time. Yes And, yes, I don't see why not.
  14. Canucks

    Live - Camino Francés Buy earplugs if the snoring annoys you...

    Since I belch, fart, snore, and get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but am intolerant of putting up with other strangers who do so, our perfect solution was to stay in private accommodations. Plus, the added benefit was it freed up an albergue spot for others! I wouldn't...

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