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Recent content by CaptainBonnie

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    Alternative coastal route into Porto in three stages (Aug 2020)

    Thanks for sharing 👌this year was a complete mess up! Next year I look forward to the Camino Portuguese from Lisboa and will definitely walk your path. Warmest Wishes & Vaya con Dios! Capt Vivek Bhasin
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    My Silent Camino - Ask me anything

    Great! I am an ex. sea captain.. Navigated every ocean and finally the Camino Frances.... This year the world went into a tail spin and my Camino Portuguese from Lisbon to SdeC did not happen.. Am based in Simla Himalayas and Karlstad Sweden. Good to connect with you!
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    My Silent Camino - Ask me anything

    Phew! Thought you were upset at me😊 Which part of the world are you Chrissy? Remarkable... VBW. Capt Vivek ( Bonnie)
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    My Silent Camino - Ask me anything

    I'm 65 years old Sir
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    My Silent Camino - Ask me anything

    Amazing to say the least... Respect 🙏 You walked an average of 33km/day...! It’s called VIPASNA in India... that regimen is normally undertaken in an Ashram of sorts ... You trudged tramped amongst the meandering paths, asphalt roads, entering villages and towns, resting in Albergues, attending...
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    Video Join me for a walk through Santiago old town

    Great Walk Ivar! Waiting is the new game..but for how long ....!!
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    Opinions--new safety system for hikers being trialed in Portugal

    i concur Sir / Ma’am... there are enough of e trackers through your mobiles who will track you 24/7 even in to your next life... If someone needs safety and comfort on the Camino and is give assistance and assurance I would always give my details. I am planning my walk in the 4th week of April...
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    Opinions--new safety system for hikers being trialed in Portugal

    it is important to have safety on all Caminos... who are these creeps who bother Ladies...the Portuguese Police must put a stop to this if not the Camino Portuguese will dwindle and Portugal will lose greatly ... the system of placing poles as one sees on the French Pyrenees is a great source of...
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    I have 25 walking days. Do I have time to start in Lisbon if I am going to Finisterre and Muxia?

    Hi ! You would need to average 30+ km At non - stop ( no relaxing days ) to cover 640+80+40 just to cover 760 km to Muxia in 25 days ... will power determination and keeping the faith along with your Mochila... anything is possible 🙏
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    I could not find the list of Albergue owners who help in the transport of your Mochila! but thank you loads for directing me to the links 🙏🙏
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    Thanks Mr Smith! I would then need to play it by ear. I understand the CP is not at all as popular as CF but nonetheless it’s the 2nd most popular camino ! It’s a pity the facilities are sparse if non existent. I was hoping to walk the entire camino .. Again Thank You for your very kind...
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    Further ... could I get accommodation between 22-25 every stretch ? Warmest wishes Vivek
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    Hi Helen Thanks for the update on the Camino Portuguese where I too intend to walk from Lisboa to SdeC in early May (2020) this year! With a frozen shoulder I need to get my Mochila transported .. It’s Lisboa to Porto in the central route as per John B’s maps !! pray how many kilometres did you...
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    Mochila service.

    Can anyone advise if there is an equivalent Mochila service from Lisboa to SdeC on the central route
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    Captain Bonnie Bhasin

    Hello I am looking for anyone starting the pilgrimage from Leon to SdeC on/around 12 November 2017 and complete in about 14 days. Would appreciate advise any other tips and of course if you are on the route . Best Wishes Bonnie Bhasin Note from a moderator: We do not want people posting...