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Recent content by CarlaH

  1. CarlaH

    Hotel Akerreta

    I stayed at Hotel Akretta on my 2014 Camino – it was awesome – I picked up a Posadas del Camino loyalty card from the reception desk at Hotel Roncesvalles and was given a little information leaflet with the card - basically there are hotels / guest houses which have signed up to this association...
  2. CarlaH

    Off to airport for a Camino planning trip.

    indeed a very hard life :) may bump into you if you're on the Portuguese route in mid June next year...
  3. CarlaH

    Freaking out about pack weights

    ...I'm definitely on the "weigh / measure everything' team too - with rheumatoid arthritis, lack of cartilage in my knees, collapsed arches and pronate feet ... what I carried on my back was important - for my first Camino May-June 2014, I set out all the things I thought I would need (for every...
  4. CarlaH

    my experience so far

    Hi - I strap up both knees, with the horizontal strip just under the kneecap and then both side strips - for me, it gave much more support. The purpose of the strapping at bottom and the sides is to keep your knee cap in the correct position - when there's a lack of cartilage or pronate feet...
  5. CarlaH

    my experience so far

    hi, I have acute rheumatoid arthritis, almost no cartilage in both knees so walking more than 5km is painful...and if that wasn't challenging enough my collapsed arches in my feet hurt after an hr of pavement pounding... before my Camino last May my rheumatologist and orthopedic surgeon both...
  6. CarlaH

    May 2015 Compostelas

    I arrive in Santiago tomorrow and recall posts that the pilgrim office has moved but cannot seem to find the new address, can anyone help? thanks
  7. CarlaH

    Rest before starting the Camino

    hi Peter - our start dates are so close, we probably will meet up along the way - Buen Camino to you too
  8. CarlaH

    Rest before starting the Camino

    Hi Rob ... reading through this forum, I believe that a large percentage of first timers have fears, doubts etc - I was exactly the same, had panic attacks about not finding shoes that felt right, a pack weight of 5.8kg that felt like 30kg, my body not doing what I wanted it to etc and it was...
  9. CarlaH

    Rest before starting the Camino

    hi Rob - I have almost no cartilage in my knees, acute rheumatoid arthritis, collapsed arches in my for my Camino last year, I did 2 x 5km training walks and swam 3km 3 times a week for 2 months - that was the sum total of my training... it took 49 days but I got there, just a little...
  10. CarlaH

    Comment by 'CarlaH' in media 'Go and do...because life won't wait'

    whohoo 29 days to go - after my first Camino last year I never thought I'd go back again... Here I am 11 months later starting off again for the 2nd on 16 May this year and have committed to a 3rd in June 2016... love it!
  11. CarlaH

    Trekking Poles???

    I use the Pacerpoles too... took 2 months to get to me in Cape Town, South Africa (our postal system, or lack thereof) ... as I'm just on 6ft, the owner of Pacerpoles recommended I go for the alloy poles as they are stronger and less likely to snap thank the carbon poles (which are perfect for...
  12. CarlaH

    Best place for a 2 to 3 night stay in Leon

    My injured fellow walker and myself spent 3 days in Leon at a fabulous small hotel behind the Cathedral - Hotel Q!H Centro León is set in the historic heart of León, opposite the cathedral and Roman walls. This small hotel with an indoor pool, spa and free Wi-Fi is set in the city’s old town...
  13. CarlaH

    Phone charging and theft; walking in the dark; liner or bag?

    I bought an android phone before my Camino last year - its remarkably similar to my iPhone ito functionality but at a 10th of the price, so if it went missing it wouldn't be an issue, I'd just buy another one en route - that being said, I never left the phone charging without me being in the...
  14. CarlaH

    Looks like May/June '16 for a family walk

    hi... I was reading a new thread a few minutes ago about discounts offered at the Paradors for under 35's and over 55's - I posted the following reply: ... here's some information which entitles EVERYONE :) to a discount - I picked up a Posadas del Camino loyalty card from the reception desk at...