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Recent content by CarolamS

  1. CarolamS

    Camigos in S Devon 2020-2021

    I can make that :)
  2. CarolamS

    Camigos in S Devon 2020-2021

    That is such a great idea. Not a week I can make as we have arranged to walk the Clarendon Way from Salisbury to Winchester with friends and are away in our motorhome. Dart's Farm has been a very busy venue but it looks like they are building a better facility to serve outdoor refreshments. I...
  3. CarolamS

    Live from Camino I miss you Pilgrim

    I stayed in your beautiful Albergue. I hope I can stay again one day. It was my first ever night in an albergue and was a wonderful experience. Breakfast in your cafe is certainly the best I've ever come across. I heartily recommend Ideas Peregrinas in Tui to everyone. Thank you for your post...
  4. CarolamS

    Ingles - boots or trainers?

    I walked the Inglés in September 2019. Weather was varied with hot sun and heavy rain and everything in-between! I wore GTX trail runners; Merrell MQM Flex. My feet stayed dry in the rain but could get hot when sunny. So I would change my socks about 2/3rds of the way along each day. It might be...
  5. CarolamS

    Rome to Jerusalem Pilgrimage - AUDIO BOOK

    Hi Mony Thank you so much for this I am really enjoying your audio version. I've now ordered the paperback because I'd like to own this book. So far this book is really reaching right into me. Today the weather was wet and windy so I popped in my earphones and set off for a walk whilst...
  6. CarolamS

    Forum Book Club - 2 - To the Field of Stars (Kevin Codd)

    I happened to read this book recently because I do like reading memoirs and particularly Camino ones. This I felt was a pretty decent one. But it has left me with a big 'itch' that perhaps will be addressed in his subsequent books. I was very unhappy with his negative attitude towards people who...
  7. CarolamS

    Camigos in S Devon 2020-2021

    Buen Camino @Tia Valeria and @Terry B I do hope that when we are able to meet up again you will join us. Meanwhile all the very best. Having become very bored walking around Exmouth I signed up to the virtual Camino de Santiago. It has certainly perked up my walks. I haven't walked the...
  8. CarolamS

    What food did you ENJOY on your Camino(s)?

    What came to my mind quite quickly so it made the best impression: tortilla de patatas for supper in Betanzos. Specialty of the town so never miss it if you pass through. As you can see our plates are clean.
  9. CarolamS

    EW....that's disgusting!

    This ranks as the funniest thread I've read, thank you. Food chickpea stew with tripe. Why I was really hoping it was just a vegetable stew as I don't eat meat. Where on the Camino did you try it? In a bar facing the marina in Ferrol, where the Ingles starts. The afternoon I arrived in Ferrol...
  10. CarolamS

    Porto to Santiago

    I have only walked the central CP but as someone who lives by a beach in the UK I'd like to mention tides. You will not get much hard packed sand at high tide. Please be aware that the tide is constantly going in and out. The amount of tide will also change and the time of high/low tide alters...
  11. CarolamS

    NEW update on Dave Bugg

    I am very pleased indeed to hear the good news of your progress Dave. Thanks Camino Chrissy. I wish you well with your road to fitness and may 2021 be a better year for us all but especially those facing serious health problems.
  12. CarolamS

    Update on Dave Bugg

    Thank you for this thread @Camino Chrissy it is good to get news of davebugg even if it's not the news we'd choose for him. As someone who has used this forum as my primary source of Camino related information I quickly appreciated all posts from Dave. Being helpful always underpinned what he...
  13. CarolamS

    Video/Pocast A few words from me earlier today in Santiago

    Thank you Ivar and best wishes for staying safe and healthy to you and your family.
  14. CarolamS

    Camigos in S Devon 2020-2021

    Hola Camigos I am late catching this as I have been in Wales. My son, his girlfriend and I walked the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Not quite a Camino but certainly a challenging walk! It is 186 miles long with total ascents of 32,000 feet. I would recommend it to anyone as it is truly stunning...
  15. CarolamS

    ATMs in Spain

    I've had that choice in Europe and never knew which was the best to choose. I guess it might be about whether the exchange rate is applied when you take the money from the machine or when it comes out of your account. I was totally random in my choices. 😂