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  1. CarolamS

    Efren Gonzalez is BACK !!!

    I am looking forward to his videos. Perhaps we'll get a better sense of his intention/attitude. I believe it is about doing something and then letting it go. It also refers to the historical ritual burning of clothes and shoes by pilgrims. As a deep introvert I needed to sit quietly on the rocks...
  2. CarolamS

    Coping with heat on the Camino

    I think folding it kept it damp for longer. It is heat on the top of my head that causes me most distress. My hat did have a large brim all the way round and having the wet cloth inside the hat also slowed the evaporation. Thinking about it now I think I'd also take my bigger microfibre shower...
  3. CarolamS

    Coping with heat on the Camino

    My first Camino was in October (2018) because I wanted to avoid the heat. I walked from Porto and there was a heatwave! It was 34 - 36C, apparently hotter than it had been that August! I am not good with heat but I took to dunking my head under any water tap I came across and soaking my hair. I...
  4. CarolamS

    Sleeping solution... still confused!

    I see you are in the UK. If you are considering liner and quilt you might like to look at the Alpkit Cloud Cover I certainly found it worked well on my Camino in September/October 2019. It's light, packs small and is very versatile. Buen Camino
  5. CarolamS

    Efren Gonzalez is BACK !!!

    So glad it helped with your weather and lockdown. Maybe the Camino is still reaching out to you and helping? Very best wishes to you.
  6. CarolamS

    Efren Gonzalez is BACK !!!

    He mention's that the wolf is not real in an Instagram comment.
  7. CarolamS

    Efren Gonzalez is BACK !!!

    I'm a huge fan of Efren's videos. My all time favourite has to be where he sums up his whole CF in little more than 3 minutes. Amazing editing.
  8. CarolamS

    On the main forum page "Post Thread" button (top right on my screen), scroll down to "Pilgrim...

    On the main forum page "Post Thread" button (top right on my screen), scroll down to "Pilgrim Topics Related to all Routes" then "Equipment Questions" probably best place :)
  9. CarolamS

    Hello, I'm Scared to walk from Geneva

    If your heart is in this you'll do it. You are already finding your way. If you have access to the Internet then Google Translate can be helpful. I am currently using Duolingo to learn some Spanish. If you have time you could try this for some basic French, it's a free app. I feel that showing...
  10. CarolamS

    The world's shortest camino

    I'm sorry I can't make it this year as my husband has a big birthday. Of course I'd consider it a great way to celebrate a birthday but he is a committed non-walker! I'm sure it will be a great success and I hope you truly enjoy this St James' Holy Day.
  11. CarolamS

    Hi there. Did you post this question on the forum? It seems to be just in your status. I wrote a...

    Hi there. Did you post this question on the forum? It seems to be just in your status. I wrote a reply but you have very limited characters available here. :)
  12. CarolamS

    microfiber towel poncho

    It's a fun conversation but my bottom line is I'd rather feel a bit damp after my shower than carry any extra weight. It might be different in the middle of winter but I don't walk then. We each have to figure out our priorities 😍
  13. CarolamS

    "Nice Way" into Santiago

    When I came into Santiago on the CI I didn't find it too bad. It's about 3km of city but I certainly did not walk along the N 550. The arrows took me mostly along a quiet route. I had the Brierley guide but did follow the yellow arrows. Santiago is in the middle of a city you can't avoid all...
  14. CarolamS

    Quiet hotel in Porto?

    In 2018 I stayed at the Moov Hotel Porto. It's a 2 star, easy walking distance from the Cathedral and central Porto. Clean, comfy, decent breakfast. It's used to Pilgrims but doesn't have a stamp. You'll find more details on if you want to check it out. Enjoy, Porto is delightful.
  15. CarolamS

    LIVE from the Camino On the Primitivo

    Amazing you must have bionic feet 😍 Congratulations it sounds a wonderful Camino 🙌