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  1. CaroleH

    LIVE from the Camino The Invierno in summertime

    Always amazes me how different people can have such differing responses and experiences in the same town, village or albergue. I'm enjoying your story and sense of humour, @Aurigny and reliving my Invierno. Buen camino. Carole
  2. CaroleH

    LIVE from the Camino The Invierno in summertime

    I loved the albergue in Quiroga, a room of my own with a private bathroom, inc a bath, clean and quiet. Yes its huge, an echo-ey, ex high school... but no youth group that night, just about 5 pilgrims, so we were lucky. Really recommend. I'm sorry it wasn't a good experience for you @Aurigny...
  3. CaroleH

    All of a sudden no motivation to start the camino

    Sheryl, by now you may have made your decision or maybe not. So many helpful posts above suggesting you are no alone with your procrastination. Many experience lack of motivation and/or fear before starting things , dealing with this in all sorts of ways. Last year, we'd been in Andalucia for a...
  4. CaroleH

    Anyone using a Drone?

    Mindblowing! Drones on the camino! Not only would I be very annoyed by such an intrusion, I'd be scared... and would probably report it to the policia. But then, I'm still using paper maps...
  5. CaroleH

    LIVE from the Camino My not so evocative Invierno comments

    This is gorgeous .. bringing back memories of my Invierno last year .. lovely pics and comments. Buen camino. Carole. .. and yes, the signage and local support is wonderful.
  6. CaroleH

    Leaving Ponferrada on Tuesday

    Buen Camino Laurie. Where are you now?
  7. CaroleH

    It's getting really hot - Seville-Salamanca from May 29th 2019 onwards

    Buen camino, Alexandra. Enjoy the wonderful VdlP.
  8. CaroleH

    Death of a British pilgrim in Castro del Rio (Cordoba province)

    RIP peregrino. Thinking of his family and walking companions.
  9. CaroleH

    Questions about “foot bag” for this year

    Buen camino Laurie. Your route plans sound wonderful. I'm envious. Good luck with the blister issue. I always use Betadine, always get blisters, never infection, but in light of what everyone has posted above, I'm now wondering.... Perhaps Jackie's suggestion, sterilising with Betadine, then...
  10. CaroleH

    New foot injury -requesting advice - do I cancel my Camino?

    Very good advice from Rex. Only you can make the decision, Lynne .... to go or to cancel. Depends on your general level of fitness and health, plus how bad the injury. In 2012, first day on the CP I injured an ankle and had to stop. I was jet lagged (from Australia) and not fit enough and...
  11. CaroleH

    Non-religious staying at Auberges

    Wonderful sentiment Janeen.
  12. CaroleH

    Invierno 2018

    Invierno 2018
  13. CaroleH

    Via de la Plata - Pilgrim numbers in decline / flatlining

    Snap Omar ... Our first camino was also in 2006, the VdlP, only from Salamanca... a heat wave in May/June. Since then, have done VdlP or parts of it, a number of times, once from Huelva to Santiago and it remains my favourite, especially for the wonderful pilgrims we've met along the way and...
  14. CaroleH

    Post a picture of your "shadow".

    Avatar 'dancing along the camino'!!!
  15. CaroleH

    LIVE from the Camino Walking the Camino de Invierno November 2018

    Texas Guy, how wonderful for you. The Invierno will be beautiful, if chilly. I walked alone back in June this year and saw one or two pilgrims some days, occasionally 3 or 4 at night, but, as the others have said, will probably be less at this time of year. However, the locals are welcoming and...

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