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Recent content by CathyP

  1. CathyP

    Trying to understand

    Thanks to all those who have replied to this thread. Your replies were thoughtful and beautiful. My husband and I had our 2020 plans for our first Camino dashed due to COVID, but we are able to hike quite a bit near our home. While not at all the same, it has been very special and helps keep our...
  2. CathyP

    New members and old posts

    As I mentioned in my reply to Vancouver Islander, I love reading this forum, no matter the age of the post. My husband and I were anxiously awaiting our dreamed-for first Camino start in April and drank up so many terrific posts this past year that were current as well as from years past. I...
  3. CathyP

    New members and old posts

    We may well have met this April. We were also set to start then. No matter, though, it will hopefully happen one day. I agree with your thoughts about wanting to benefit from the new AND the older posts. It is such a treasure to have this forum!
  4. CathyP

    COVID New start dates?

    My husband and I would have woken up in Madrid this morning, and had planned to begin our first Camino from SJPdP on the 24th. Our sadness comes in waves, I would say. We are able to continue with socially-distanced hikes and walks close to home, and treat each outing as training for the Camino...
  5. CathyP

    Stay at Home Camino

    Here is a link to the short version - which is the original, award-winning film - a 28-minute DVD, that is available for purchase. I have not been able to locate a method for purchasing the full version, called "Phil's Camino: So Far So Good."...
  6. CathyP

    Booking rooms in advance

    Thanks for the useful information, everyone! First-timer, starting April 24, sending gear ahead, will be booking ahead as a result. I really appreciate all the input.
  7. CathyP

    What do you do when you cannot walk anymore?

    Michael, thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am just going to be stepping foot in Spain on my first Camino this April, and am inspired and blessed by your words. Thank you.
  8. CathyP

    Who called you, pilgrim?

    Thank you for sharing! This is a beautiful poem.
  9. CathyP

    Camino Podcast Episode 39 - The Camino Francés, Part 5

    Dave, thank you very, very much for your podcast! My husband and I love listening and are thankful you’re putting up new episodes. I was wondering if you knew how many days Graham English took to complete his walk that you spoke about on the podcast?
  10. CathyP

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    Annie, you are loved and are in my family’s prayers. ❤ 🙏
  11. CathyP

    Stretching possibilities

    What a great idea! Thank you for the suggestion
  12. CathyP

    Stretching possibilities

    Thank you very much!
  13. CathyP

    Stretching possibilities

    Thanks for the great link! The stretches look very familiar, and I agree that being creative and flexible will be important.
  14. CathyP

    Stretching possibilities

    Wow! I had no idea Tyvek had this use. Thanks so much for the suggestion!