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  1. Catzilla62

    Camino Meetup in Panama City Beach, Florida

    I live in Venice, Florida
  2. Catzilla62

    solo journey, or how to tell spouse you need to do this alone?

    Joodle, I was in the same situation. I wanted to walk the camino and wanted to experience it by myself. I am an independent woman and am very bullheaded. I booked my reservations and told my husband about a week later. He really didn't understand why I wanted to do this on my own and I couldn't...
  3. Catzilla62

    Comment by 'Catzilla62' in media 'looks like us'

    Wow, I remember this last summer and it was a little cool. This looks downright COLD! What a different atmosphere with the snow.
  4. Catzilla62

    Backup Footwear - Open or Closed sandals?

    I walked the Camino in May/June of 21014 and wore my Keen Whispers of several days of hiking. I preferred my hiking shoes over the Keens on the rough stones, but the Keens with socks worked very well on most days. The socks helped where the Keens may have rubbed, although, I never had any...
  5. Catzilla62

    Upset stomachs!

    Thanks for the suggestion bystander, but like I said, it isn't gastrointestinal. It is most definitely stomach related as it is almost as high as my diaphragm.
  6. Catzilla62

    Upset stomachs!

  7. Catzilla62

    Comment by 'Catzilla62' in media 'Santiago June 24th 2014'

    Very pretty picture!
  8. Catzilla62

    Upset stomachs!

    I had posted about a week ago of having stomach trouble and unfortunately still have it eight days later. Can't wait to go home in two days to get checked out. I have a horribly sore tummy, very high, not gastrointestinal, I have taken Imodium, given to me by the Farmacia, I have taken two days...
  9. Catzilla62

    Please, get a bell for your bike!

    I just finished walking the Camino and am a trail biker. I would like to say that I was very frustrated with the bikers on the Camino. Most did not have bells. They did come up on you fast and didn't acknowledge that they were behind you until it was too late for either to have courtesy for the...
  10. Catzilla62

    Upset stomachs!

    For some reason there seems to be a "bug" or virus going around right now. I have run into several previous walking mates and the person I walked with yesterday that have all been violently sick with the heeves and diahrrea. This has happened at odd intervals but non the less within several days...
  11. Catzilla62

    Train Ticket from Bayonne to SJPDP

    Do you have any idea how much the bus tickets are?
  12. Catzilla62

    New Certificate of Distance offered by the Pilgrims' Office

    This is fantastic! I will be sure to get one of these.
  13. Catzilla62

    Weather - Late May/June

    Hi Janet S. I also will be leaving the 20 or 21 of May. Where are you flying into? I fly into Paris on the 19th and am a little apprehensive about the whole country of France. I don't speak the language nor do I understand it. The sooner I am on the Camino, the better! Hope to see you on the...

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