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    Camping Stove

    I am completely mystified as to why anyone took umbrage at anything. But that's fine. See you on the trail, maybe.
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    Camping Stove

    I apologise wholeheartedly for any moral superiority or condescension. I would never try to do such a thing. Life is too short to argue about stoves. Choose what you like. But the Trangia is better, both from an environmental standpoint, not leaving so many empty canisters and compact...
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    Camping Stove

    You are very good, and respect for taking your rubbish home. If I ever meet you, I will give you a little badge. ;) However, if we ALL buy things that are not reusable, the wildernesses we go out to enjoy are spoiled by the rubbish people leave behind. Gas canisters are exactly the sort of...
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    Camping Stove

    They're all rather bulky. And to be honest, I abhor a countryside full of little empty gas canisters. I love my Trangia. Obtaining fuel is easy, they pack small, and they are supremely reliable. Plus, you can put out a runaway fire with water. Brilliant!
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    Portuguese Coastal Route - Mountain or Touring bike

    I've never done this route. But for many years, I was an avid cycle tourist. I spent six months riding around Europe when I was in my early twenties, and more short trips than I could count. I've toured on touring bikes (Mercian King of Mercia, Dawes Galaxy) and various old mountain bikes. It...
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    Bottle vs hydropack

    I have never got on with bladders. Can't get past the idea that they would be hard to clean, and partly because there is too much plastic junk in the world now. I use an aluminium bottle for water. It's winter now, when it warms up I carry more than one (as many as I need, so if it's really hot...
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    Logisitics of a car share (Camino Ingles, 2019)

    Oh, I imagine so. It's all down to negotiation. :)
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    Logisitics of a car share (Camino Ingles, 2019)

    Hello I make a point of trying to make the best choices for the environment that I can. This means I actively try to avoid flying anywhere. I would be happy with the coach, but a car is comfortable, and takes me to exactly where I need to be to start. Google maps says mine to Ferrol is 20...
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    Personal Safety on the Camino - some hints, tips and information

    While I understand the convenience of this, as a someone that has to deal with computer security as part of my job, I have to say please don't store scans of your passport on the Internet. All online storage services get broken into sooner or later. Paper is boring, but it has never been hacked. :)

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