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Camino de Santiago pendent that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.
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Recent content by CdnDreamer

  1. CdnDreamer

    LIVE from the Camino The Nomad Pack - On the move!

    Welcome back Nomad Pack! I really enjoyed reading about your last trip. Glad to hear that you are well and it appears that your pack has changed a little in the past year. I will be interested in hearing about the animals that you have on this trip. Take care.
  2. CdnDreamer

    On this date in May...

    @trecile It wasn't just a pool. It was leather couches and flat screen tv's, fabulous food, outdoor furniture to laze about on, and a balcony off the room. The view was amazing. There was a bar and outdoor tables. And all for 10 euros for a bed. Here's another picture: This was in...
  3. CdnDreamer

    On this date in May...

    On May 10, 2015 I was taking a rest day - only walking 15 km from Belorado to Villafranca Montes de Oca. On May 9, 2015 I had dinner with @Buz Radican at the A Santiago albergue in Belorado. I arrived there knowing he was staying there, and I wandered around asking if anyone knew Buz - I...
  4. CdnDreamer

    On this date in May...

    @Scottish Paul My picture is from May 25, 2015. I had just sent a message to my sister the day before about how hard the camino was. Kind of had to eat my words when I sent her pictures from this paradise.
  5. CdnDreamer

    Survey from Grañón

    That was a lovely survey. It really did make you think. I miss Spain.
  6. CdnDreamer


    I have been in a book club for 20 years. Last month we read "Worry" by Jessica Westhead. It was just a whole book of a woman's thoughts - and all the worrying she was doing. None of us liked it. But it has made us watch our thoughts with the Coronavirus. This month the book is The Great...
  7. CdnDreamer

    Home Alone - New Generation (i.e.Self Isolation) ideas

    I ran out and bought paint. I intend on painting my bathroom, living room and kitchen. I may need to be quarantined for more than 2 weeks!
  8. CdnDreamer

    Compact Camino Frances - how to choose which etapas to walk vs bus

    One of the most memorable days we had on the camino was a rainy day. I would not have wanted to miss that for the world. My friend and I still talk about that rainy day in 2012 when we couldn't stop laughing. We were absolutely soaked, freezing and happy! I agree with the other posters...
  9. CdnDreamer

    Tips for couple of youngters doing the camino Frances in March/April

    Easter is in April so you may need to book a couple of days in advance around that time. There may be a sudden surge in pilgrims for a week or two. Just watch the calendar as you get closer to Easter. If you are going to be in a city Easter weekend you may need to book something or arrive...
  10. CdnDreamer

    Solitude, flexibility, & budget on the Camino?

    On the Frances you may find solitude if you are leaving later in the mornings. It depends how many people are staying about 5 to 10 km behind you. You mention that you may leave late - as long as you know that the albergues usually kick you out by 8 am. I liked to leave between 7 and 7:30 in...
  11. CdnDreamer


    I love having an umbrella with me. I brought a very light, inexpensive folding one. And after it died, I bought another cheap folding umbrella (I think that was on my 3rd camino) On my last trip I figured out how to tie it to my shoulder straps so that I didn't have to hold it. I like being...
  12. CdnDreamer

    ‘Native’ language marker?

    Maybe we all need to slow down and look a little deeper before replying to someone. We can check what country someone is from, but that doesn't tell us what their native language is. Once when I was concerned that someone was being rude I sent a private message to the person asking what they...
  13. CdnDreamer

    Things you enjoy that you can leave them at home

    I am happy not to take a flat iron, hair dryer, makeup, and my gaiters.
  14. CdnDreamer

    Water bladder, disposable bottle, reusable bottle? I have the answer!

    But what is the weight? If it is two grams lighter than the one I have now...
  15. CdnDreamer

    A Tiny Bottle of Liquid

    I just found a website for O Dispensario (CBD Only) in Santiago. Address: Rúa do Cardeal Payá, 7 Baixo, 15703 Santiago de Compostela Phone number +34 691 68 21 51. Maybe someone in Santiago can see if this is what you are looking for. If you can't find CBD oil in Spain, have you tried...